A6000 vs NEX-5N vs Coolpix-A DR & Banding

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Well done - black level 509 fixes it in ACR/LR

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They seem to be very negative? Best to forget Adobe and use C1, in fact I think I like it better than LR anyway, its actually a better converter if not the best anyway! If you want, export the dng's and finish in LR/CS its no big deal. I don't want to beg Adobe for anything, honestly they have been making a mess of raw conversions on lots of cameras for quite a while, either they get their act together or people switch, don't waste your breath/time on them if they aren't willing to fix it and listen, forget them!

I think the fault is Sony's who reports a wrong Black Level in a6000's exif data.

We have to point Adobe at correct data to take care of the problem. So point to Black level instead of color profile.

We can try to edit the exif:BlackLevel tag in DNG (from 512 to 509). There is a possibility LR/ACR will use this instead of an internal hardcoded setting.

As I cannot convert a6000's AWR to DNG myself (the DNG converter does not work with win vista) please someone upload DNG conversions from the two inspected files.

Also some black frames with both long and short exposures will help identify the correct BL ..

I converted my A6000 -7EV to a DNG and set the black level of all channels to 509 (exiftool -blacklevel="509 509 509 509" file.dng) and it corrects the green cast when the DNG is processed in LR 5. Here is the converted DNG with the black level set to 509, and here are the results of the LR conversion:

Original converted DNG (black level 512)

DNG with black level set to 509

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