Any experience with GH4 4K video, using "Extended Optical Zoom?"

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Re: 4K w/2X Optical Zoom = 2K w/ ETC...

Pete Berry wrote:

Ves, something seems to have gone wrong in your comparison, evidenced by the severe aliasing in the FHD/ETC image. The both start with the same inner 1080x1920 pixels, up-sampled to 2160x3840 in-camera at 4K/2x dig. zoom. I'd sure like to see the original full dimension frame clips!

I made better samples.

1. 4k center crop

2. 4k 2x dig zoom downsampled to fullhd

3. ETC fullhd

4. best JPG center crop 1920x1080

5. RAW (ACR) center crop 1920x1080

I noticed that the sensor debayering ruins fine color detail even in RAW photo and levels the differences of different modes. GH4 4:2:0 4k video and ETC is very close to best 4:4:4 JPG in 100% sensor readout. 4:4:4 RAW is sharper but not perfect.

If I use 4k/2x dig zoom I get a little sharper result that cropping 4k or using ETC.

I think that Samsung NX1 with 6.5k sensor debayering and downsampling is maybe far better than GH4 in 4k video. I think that even 100% RAW is worse in GH4. We will see.

1. 4k center crop

2. 4k 2x dig zoom

3. ETC fullhd

4. best JPG center crop

5. RAW (ACR) center crop

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