4K to 1080P vs direct 1080P

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4K to 1080P vs direct 1080P

A question that has bothered me for a while now concerns the ultimate image quality I can deliver to customers who only want and who can only deal with 1080P video.

I own and use the LZ1000-a great camera that delivers wonderful 4K video- and I recently acquired the LX100, also capable of delivering 4K video.

Now, one cannot argue that 1080P from any source is as good as 4K video when said video is viewed on a 4K screen.  However, very few households  have 4K video capability and what they can use to look at wedding video is only a 1080P.

It is likely that this situation will exist for quite a while and therefore my fundamental question is relevant to today's marketplace.

Specifically lets assume that I shoot 4K video of a particular scene with the LZ1000, in which the camera uses the center 8MP of the 20MP sensor to record the 4K video, and then I convert that 4K video into 1080P video, I will have 1080P video that used 8MP of information to make the recording.

Next lets assume I recorded the exact same scene with the LZ1000 in 1080P and that I zoomed the scene to have the same field of view that the LZ1000 presented me when I was filming in 4K. The lens will have been moved to more of a telephoto but the image that is brought into the camera will now be a composite 1080P taken from pixel binning 20MP of the sensor.

Now from what we all know, if I shoot a still of a scene with the LZ1000 and I crop that still to where I only utilize the central 8mp if the image, i.e a digital zoom of the image,  and I compare that 8mp image to one I make from zooming the lens to the same field of view and shooting the scene with the full 20mp of the sensor, the image quality from the zoom using 20MP will be measurable better than what we would get  from the 8MP image crop.

My question is this, would this hold for video.  Would 1080P video from the full sensor be better than 1080P from that sensor where the 1008P was pulled from a 4k file from that sensor.

I do not know the answer at this time but I will endeavor to test it out in the near future. Would stills from the two 1080P video feed tell the story.

I think so.

However. before I test it I would like to have some feedback as to what people think, or know about the subject.

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