"Writing to memory card was not completed correctly. Recover data?" A99 data corruption w/ SD cards

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Re: "Writing to memory card was not completed correctly.
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Same problem.

Purchased March 2014. Out yesterday shooting for roughly 90 minutes, with a lot of burst mode. Camera icon read empty; I knew it wasn't a full charge when I left home, so I simply replaced with other battery. That too read empty. Figured ok, maybe I forgot to charge the spare. Both original Sony batts, plus Sony chargers (I have two).

Charged them both overnight. This evening, I inserted one. Then the spare. Ditto, completely dead. So I googled, bumping into this and similar threads. One mentioned hitting the Movie, Menu & Play buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. Zip. Another also mentioned 3 buttons, but Movie, Menu & AEL. Tried each combo off and on for over an hour. At some point, I did get a red flickering light on the side, quickly followed by the memory card error message, with its loop. I tried assorted cards, all 10 class 32mb- Transcend, Sony, Sandisk. Nadda.

Frustrated, I called Sony. They quickly arranged a return. As I awaited the promised shipment label via email, I decided to try one more time. This time, I placed the SD card I was using yesterday into my iMac's SD slot, copied all pics, deleted, then returned it to the a77. I had not done so previously, because I forgot it was in the iPad SD iPad adapter/dongle. Wasn't concerned, since the pics were on the iPad.

Shockingly, it worked. Everything came back to life. I've tested every which way, but it actually works fine. Just like before yesterday's weirdness set in. My plan now is to go forward with some shoots I had planned for the weekend, with deliberate heavy burst mode shooting (& a backup cam). If it still works, I'll call Sony back to so advise. If not, I'll use that shipping label.

Incidentally, since I'm into bird photography, my most frequently used lens is the Sony 70-300G. That's the one in use yesterday. Also the 18-135, a few other Sony lenses, and the Tamron 18-270. Stopped using the last one much- contacts have to be cleaned fairly frequently to keep AF alive. (Forum hunting provided that solution to an intermittent AF-is-AWOL problem.)

Bottom-line: Try messing with the two 3-button combos alternatively. Remove all pics from the card in use when this crap started. Reinsert card, then turn on. May work for you too, may not. But worth a try. BTW, that card was Transcend, about to be swapped out for a SanDisk or Sony. Paranoid!

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