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kalpesh5777 wrote:

After reading online reviews, I come to know about lens control error.If fuji is still selling the XF1 model with 2 yr warranty, is it possible that they have fixed this issue?

I request the members to post their first five digits of serial numbers so that we can decide the conclusion.

Mine is 3AQ05

kalpesh, I fear that the responses to your request will not yield useful data.

There are two separate and distinct phenomena that have been repeatedly conflated into the single heading, "lens control error":

  1. A phenomenon where the camera ceases to function entirely and a message, "Lens Control Error" appears on the LCD screen; and
  2. A failure of the motor that controls the aperture blades that results in the blades remaining fully open regardless of user settings or instructions from the CPU to stop down the aperture. That results in overexposed photos in a high percentage of pictures.

The two posters who have responded to you so far have experienced the second (aperture motor) of those phenomena, but your request appears to be about the first (lens control error) of those phenomena.

If the photographer can show images that were ruined or degraded by the problem that he or she had, then he or she did not suffer the "lens control error" phenomenon. An XF1 that suffered the reported "lens control error" phenomenon could not produce any image files at all. Fortunately the number of cameras that suffered from the "lens control error" problem appears to be very, very small -- minuscule,

Early in the XF1 production run, Fujifilm apparently received from one of its subcontractors a bad batch of aperture control motors, and Fujifilm integrated those motors into its lens subassemblies for XF1 cameras. When those motors began to fail -- and apparently a very high percentage of that batch did --- there was a sudden spike in the number of reports of "lens control error" problems because of the conflation of the two separate phenomena.

Because the aperture motor failures occurred within only a short time of use of the camera, the XF1s of most of the users who experienced the failures were still under warranty. For those users -- and Griddi and I were among them -- Fujifilm replaced the lens subassembly under warranty for no cost, and that was the permanent solution to the problem. Evidence that Fujifilm itself regarded that as the permanent solution to the problem is that Fujifilm used the same lens subassemblies that it was installing in its XF1 warranty repairs in a later-introduced, and still current, camera model, the XQ1.

The spike in reports of the stuck aperture blade problem fell off as quickly as it had arisen, and there have been very few recent reports of that problem in XF1s or in XQ1s. Of course, there may be some NOS XF1s out there that have aperture motors from the bad batch. But we do not know if all of the bad batch electric motors went into consecutively numbered XF1 cameras.

FWIW, the serial number of our XF1, which originally had one of the aperture motors from the bad batch, but did not suffer the "lens control error" phenomenon, is 2AD01493.

Thanks for detailed info.As I know, the faulty motors could be installed on consecutive batch as per inventory rules.Random selection of motors for different batches is avoided because in case of failure its easy to find out the faulty batch.

Fuji must be knowing this but they avoided recall of cameras and decided to repair for free.

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