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Tom Caldwell
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Re: Panasonic Canda service will fix at least...
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kenw wrote:

Hey Tom,

Check this thread, looks like someone got satisfaction out of Panasonic's Canadian service.

My hood is still in the box in the little baggie. I should probably take it out and let it ooze for a bit so I can get it replaced before the warranty is over

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Ken W
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Thanks Ken, I don't see it as a disaster, just a nuisance.  I also thought that it would settle in but six months down the track and deciding to start ignoring the glue spots the hood starts to get stuck to the lens barrel and needs some effort to turn the lock screw and a distinctive tug to remove. So I was into my second major glue removal exercise when the little light flashed above my head and I have tried the Matin 67mm thread bayonet mount hood I found tucked away.  It seems to be a reasonable solution for not a lot of money.  Presumably less even than replacing an oem hood if you had to pay for it.

It would be interesting to see if the Canadian experience was a new design of hood or just one with a little less liberally applied elastic glue filler. If it is the same design I am almost sure that it would only be a short reprieve.

Here in a sub-tropical part of Australia even most days in winter get to 20C and the glue has been a problem - the hood has yet to pass through one of our (hotter) summers and may not yet have to do so if I consider the Matin hood a success despite its extra girth.  I tend to also appreciate the flexible resilience of the hood material as well which I may yet fully appreciate further down the track.

The Nocticron has become my most used lens and I do think that anyone who might own one will also use it a lot - this lens is a very useful tool and less likely to be a dilettante plaything.  Even a non-professional is going to give it a workout.  "Leica" out front?  hadn't noticed.

Despite the "major glue removing exercise" it is more a nuisance than a true fault.  Using eucalyptus oil it was a few minutes of careful rubbing but my first "window cleaner" effort took longer - dashed hard to just rub off.

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Tom Caldwell

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