WHY DSLR ??? Is FZ-1000 a GAME CHANGER ???

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WHY DSLR ??? Is FZ-1000 a GAME CHANGER ???
2 months ago

DSLR's have advantages, but also have many (mirror) inherent DISADVANTAGES.

* shutter-lag
* focal-plane shutter limited FLASH SYNC SPEED
* louder
* vibration
* IMAGE BLACK-OUT during actual exposure
* heavier + the "hassle* of carrying & changing lenses
* seeing-thru-lens also meant hard-to-focus in low light OR with (dark) filters attached

DSLR's did have an advantage with AF-speed with their Phase-Detect vs Contrast-Detect, (but Contrast-Detect could be more-accurate).

And I fully understand many prefer “optical” viewfinders -- but EVF offers many-many-many-many advantages, (better at night, focus peaking and over-exposure warning, focusing magnification), information display – and now “LEVEL” INDICATOR)

ALL cameras are COMPROMISES and P&S / bridge cams certainly are (WERE) also. Being CHEAP, they made no pretention to be better in any of the above (speed) limitations.


BUT: I have now received a new Panasonic Lumix / FZ-1000 and it is truly a GAME CHANGER.

Except for specific applications, (where you need specialized lenses/UWA or ultimate IQ), the FZ-1000 exceeds DSLR's in almost everything, (PLUS MANY ADDITIONAL FEATURES NEVER BEFORE AVAILABLE).

1" (style) sensor for better IQ than ever before available in P&S / super-zoom.

Faster focusing and less shutter-lag than most DSLR's (unless you spend the really-really BIG BUCKS)

f/2.8/f/4 (400mm @ 20mpx, 600mm @ 10.5mpx, 800mm @ 5mpx, even 1600mm @ 1.25mpx)

Incredible Image STABILIZATION (5-axis --- even @ 1600mm)

Better EVF (better than optical in most applications -- and more usable at NIGHT)

"LEVEL" INDICATOR ---> (I can't do without this now)

12 fps (and even 50fps w/ electronic shutter)

OVERLAPPING Multiple Exposure

up to 7exp auto-bracketing

INTERVALOMETER ----> (Time Lapse / Annimation)


REMOTE CONTROL from Cell Phone


4K video (with 8mpx FRAME GRAB from video)



Note that I just got the camera less than a week ago, and continue to be amazed by new details/surprises every-time I look at the (basic) manual.

(and I have not even started reading the "advanced" manual yet -- which is 367 pages long)

Many of these features have never been available before in ANY other camera.

My Nikon DSLR stuff is in a box and probably will never come out again.

I shot my first photo 58 years ago, and sold my first photo in 1964, but I have NEVER before had so much "FUN" with a camera.

All cameras are compromises, and no camera is perfect (for everything), but this may be the "perfect-compromise".


Is it perfect ???  Of course not, I have already found many minor irritations --- AND I WISH THE WA HAD STARTED AT 20MM, (with a convertor to 12-14mm equiv).

(I am testing some convertors on its 25mm WA but not finished with results.)

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Thanks for reading .... JoePhoto
( Do You Ever STOP to THINK --- and FORGET to START Again ??? )

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