Not really a beginner but need someone a lot smarter than me

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Not really a beginner but need someone a lot smarter than me

OK. A question that has been asked and answered, differently, numerous times.

Assume the following:

First scenario:

I am using a Sony a77ii camera with a 200 mm lens and I want to take a photo of a flag in the distance. In the viewfinder it takes up approx. the center quarter of the screen. Take the photo. Comes out great. Want it larger so I crop it and it still comes out good given the large number of megapixels.

Second scenario:

Same camera, same lens, same flag. I use the "2x" option on the camera. Now, the lens doesn't know what button I have pushed so the flag image still optically  takes up 1/4 of the sensor but in the viewfinder it seems larger, obviously. Has the camera simply cropped the photo internally and given me a photo with less pixels? Or has it taken each pixel and doubled them to make the flag actually take up a larger portion of the sensor, albeit electronically rather than optically.  Or are there little green men in the camera who paint in little additional Pixels?

Or is there some third explanation:

Most importantly, when I print both photos so the flag is the same size on the 8X10 paper will one be better than the other?

Not sure where to post this so if you see it in another forum please excuse the oversight.


Flat view
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