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I don't know if anyone mentioned the SEL 50 1.8 but its a great lens. Even more so when you consider the price & its excellent OSS. I have the Sigma 60mm prime also & the Sony is even better imho.

Reviews say the Sigma has more sharpness than the Sony, I have the Sigma and I want to buy the Sony too for its OSS and f/1.8 awesomeness, but I don't think the Sony would exceed the Sigma's sharpness. I think I will keep the Sigma as my main portrait telephoto lens and I will use the Sony as a low light lens or a video lens because of its OSS.

In what ways have you found the Sony better than the Sigma? Want to post a sample picture?

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I just got home from a week out of town. If I get a chance this weekend after I get caught up I will see if I can get some good examples posted up. To me the Sigma has a smaller area in the frame that is tack sharp. It seems like it has a different depth of field at the same settings that is also shallower in the left to right of the frame vs the 50 1.8.

hmm that's strange, could it be a centering issue or a faulty lens?

It is also very different in its focusing characteristics than the 50 1.8 imho. I get many less spot on shots out of a series of shots and the ones that are great are not the usually in the first few frames of the series. It has been a learning experience. With my other Sony lenses they all behave pretty much the same as far as what you can expect. The Sigma is not as predictable and I found myself disappointed and knowing with the 50 1.8 I would have gotten better results. I also think the Sony has better contrast although that might not be quite the right description. I think what I am experiencing and seeing are 1. Contrast vs pdaf (although my 5n seems to do better with the 50 1.8 than the a6000 does with the Sigma) and 2. a difference in the coatings on the elements showing up. I think I have been spoiled by the 50 1.8, the Sigma is sharper and has more pop than the kit lens for sure (either the 18-55 or the 16-50 pz) but it isn't anywhere close on focusing performance (as you would expect). I need to get my other two Sigmas out (19 & 35) and compare them also.

19 & 30, yeah it's good to compare them... I have all three sigmas and they work fine here. But I haven't used Sony lenses except 18-55

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