What the three eye witnesses say

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What the three eye witnesses say
Aug 22, 2014



Dorian Johnson's account

"This is what Johnson, a friend of Brown's who was with him when he died, said happened: He and Brown were walking in the middle of the street when Wilson intercepted them and told them to get on the sidewalk. When Wilson tried to get out of his car, the door hit Johnson and Brown and ricocheted into Wilson — upsetting the officer. Wilson grabbed Brown by the neck, and Brown tried to get away. Wilson pulled out his gun and shot Brown. At that point, Brown and Johnson began to run away and the officer fired again. When Brown realized he was hit, he turned around and raised his hands in the air. Wilson approached Brown and fired several more shots."

Tiffany Mitchell's account

"This is what Mitchell, who saw the shooting while on her way to pick up an employee in the area of the shooting, said happened: She first saw a struggle between Brown and Wilson, with Brown trying to push away from the police car and Wilson trying to pull the teenager into the vehicle. The first gunshot then came from the car, while both of Brown's hands were outside the vehicle. At that point, Brown broke away and started running down the street. Wilson chased after Brown while shooting at the teenager. Brown's body jerked, as if he was hit, and he turned around, stood still, and put his hands up. Wilson continued shooting Brown even as the teenager attempted to surrender, and Brown went down."

Piaget Crenshaw's account

"This is what Crenshaw, who saw the shooting while she was waiting for a ride to work, said happened: She saw Wilson try to place Brown into the squad car. When Brown ran away with his hands in the air, Wilson fired several shots. Crenshaw took photos of the exchange, which she turned over to police."

The police account

"This is what St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, who's leading the investigation into Brown's death, said happened according to Wilson: Brown physically assaulted Wilson prior to the shooting. Wilson attempted to get out of the car, but Brown pushed him back into the vehicle. Brown then physically assaulted Wilson and attempted to grab the officer's weapon. At that point, the first shot was fired from the police car. Brown ran away, but eventually turned around and moved toward Wilson — causing the officer to fear for his life. Wilson fired and killed Brown, 35 feet from the police car. Wilson was reportedly injured during the encounter, and one side of his face was left swollen."

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