in AP mode shouldn't an increase in ISO make the camera select a faster shutter speed?

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GilesW New Member • Posts: 6
in AP mode shouldn't an increase in ISO make the camera select a faster shutter speed?

I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G10 micro four thirds camera.

I happened to have a couple of old lenses from an old minolta camera of my dad's, and was overjoyed when I discovered the world of adapters, as that meant I could use those old lenses.  I was even more overjoyed when I realised how much cheaper some of the old glass is that modern stuff of similar specs... the upshot of this is that I have a load of Minolta SR (MD/MC) mount lenses and shoot almost exclusively with them, so usually have to select aperture and focus manually. (the only AF/IS lens I have is the 14-45mm kit lens)

Because of this I tend to leave the camera in Aperture Priority mode (AP) mode almost all the time, and it does a reasonable job of picking the shutter speed (and telling me by flashing at me when I'm being an idiot and trying to use a 50mm F1.7 lens wide open outside in the sun ).

However, I've noticed that if I decide I need to increase the ISO (just due to not enough light, or trying to compensate for using a 2x teleconverter I have), then the camera doesn't use a shorter shutter time.

To give an example, if use ISO 100 for a particular scene and half-press the shutter button then it shows the shutter speed as 1/60.  if I take my finger off the button then change ISO to 200 and half-press again, I would expect it to now suggest 1/120.. but it stays at 1/60.

Am I missing something?

Thanks for reading

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