Should we send messages to extraterrestrials?

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Human beings do horrific things to eachother.  We are better at creating barriers to communication than in living peaceably.  We haven't the means to talk to many of our fellow humans.  Why try to contact creatures whose language or ethics might be  even more incomprehensible?

The most common form of extraterrestrial live, if it exists at all, probably consists of viruses, bacteria, or molds.  Its principal "intelligence" is probably an ability to mutate or adapt quickly to survive in new environments and displace competing life forms.  H.G. Wells speculated that terrestrial microbes would defeat alien visitors.  It would be more likely that the alien bugs would wipe us out.

Perhaps the only proof of "intelligent design" in all this is that the inhabitable planets are so far apart that it takes light (or telecommunications) many, many years to reach such places.  Physical transport of a robot would take centuries.  Gamma rays would fry the brain cells of any humans gullible enough to sign up for such a voyage (tantamount to multiple life sentences in a jail), most of which would have to be spent in hibernation or lead to insanity.  This essentially rules out contact.  Even if we did know where to beam radio messages, we have no way to know whether there anyone would receive or understand the signals.  Maybe the recipient would be a blasé troll whose reply would be OGFY.

We have nothing to teach other worlds.  If some other world happened to have something beneficent to teach ours, we would not listen or get very angry.

Need a non-human companion?  How about a dog?

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