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Olympus OM-D or Fuji X series for digi newbie

Started Aug 14, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Olympus OM-D or Fuji X series for digi newbie
Aug 14, 2014

Ok, I'm sure this has been discussed prior, but ive got to ask per my my needs. I want to buy a digital camera for the first time. I've been researching like mad for months and I'm almost ready to make a purchase, just have a few film cameras to sell off first. I've been leaning towards the mirrorless format and started by really digging the Olympus OMD-E10 and E5. Then I happened on a Fuji display and started to seriously consider going that direction, X-pro-1, X-E1, or maybe even the X-T-1. Both systems seem to have redeeming qualities and from those two systems are where I'd like to choose my first real digital camera. I'm a film shooter, and have been since I started out in photography. I've acquired quite a bit of gear(lenses) from Nikon, Minolta, Oly, Canon, Pentax, etc., and even a couple Leica old IIIc 50mm's. I'll still shoot film and will probably shift to using my MF gear as I do my 35mm stuff now. So that's me and my background and here are my questions for those who've bought either system:

1) which works better, or is easier to create a system using legacy lenses?

2) which would feel/behave more like a film camera so that my entry will be relatively easy and fun? I rented a Nikon D800 for a wedding shoot and hated using it. Got good shots, but I never felt comfortable with it and felt I could've done better had a spent 6 weeks studying the manual. I can pick up most any film camera and know how to use it in 5 mins or less. I don't mind a spin-y wheel as my F5 kind of has one, but I don't like a bunch of menus.

3) which has, IYHO, a longer projected utility? I like the Oly because it's closest to what I shoot with now, but the Fuji is very familiar as well and I like the idea of having an optical viewfinder(x-pro). That being said, I don't want to find out next summer my camera is dated and I need to buy another so that I can stay current. Buying a digi now is my attempt at staying current.

4) I want to be clear that I have no beef with digital photography and I don't think I'm special or clever because I use film. Most, if not all of my shots end up being scanned and on a computer so I'm just going around my butt to get to my elbow. I'm just a rube who came down from the hollar and realized he needed unleaded fuel to suplement his moonshine run car.

Thank you all in advance and please go easy on me.


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