Minimizing Battery Life on ZS40, with Optical Viewfinder

Started Aug 14, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Minimizing Battery Life on ZS40, with Optical Viewfinder
Aug 14, 2014

I am a new owner of a Panasonic Lumix ZS40, and seek recommendations on how to conserve battery life on this camera.

In general, I plan to keep the GPS feature OFF, and the camera in Airplane Mode.  I have the screen brightness set to ordinarily be at a minimum, but also to allow the camera to brighten up the LCD when it thinks it needs to, due to bright sunlight.  I will also generally have the flash set to "forced off," but would enable the flash when I anticipate needing it in low light situations. The great bulk of my photography will be outdoors and in daylight.

I will frequently be using the Zoom (especially to Extended, and sometimes Digital Zoom), and I realize that each use probably draws extra battery consumption, as the lens extends out and back in.  I also expect to have the camera in Intelligent Auto Mode (or IA+) most of the time, at least until I become confident in using the P mode, as well as panorama mode.  I do NOT anticipate much use of Movie Mode.  I do not generally review pix while "out and about," and will be transferring pix/deleting pix from the SD card while it is in my PC.  Use of the Wi-Fi and NFC features will probably be non-existent for me, at least when I'm still new to the camera.

My reading of the manual indicates that when in Auto mode, the minimum standard for the LCD screen staying active is 5 minutes.  To me, that is much longer than I would like (I'm used to just 1 or 2 minutes with a previous Panasonic, which then turned off automatically).

QUESTION 1:  If I frequently turn the camera OFF (after taking one or several pix at one location), BUT then find a new photo opportunity just a bit later...and turn the camera back ON I using the battery inefficiently?  Would 2-3-4 times of "On and Off and On"...etc. over a five minute period cause greater battery drain than if I left it ON for the full 5 minutes? What about if over 10 minutes?  Do I need to change my photo habits and just accept leaving the camera on for longer periods of time, in order to use the battery efficiently?

QUESTION 2:  Would battery life be extended appreciably if, when not taking pictures, to switch the LCD OFF...and just leave the optical viewfinder active?  My thinking here is the the LCD must draw considerably more power to light those 922,000 pixels than would the viewfinder (which has only about 200,000 pixels).  Thus, my theory is that leaving the optical viewfinder active would be more battery efficient than leaving the LCD on.  When a photo opportunity suddenly arises, it might be convenient for me to use the viewfinder, but it would also be easy to press the button and activate the LCD screen.  It seems to me that this might be more efficient use of the battery than turning it ON and OFF frequently.  What say you?

Are there any other suggestions for minimizing battery life...short of not using it at all?

I would appreciate everyone's thoughts on this issue...even those who believe that I am overthinking this entire issue.  Go ahead and give me the Razz, if you like!  [Just in case anyone wonders:  I will usually have 2 replacement batteries with me, in a handy carry case.]

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40 (TZ60)
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