A few weeks with the RX 100 M3, time for a real opinion.

Started Aug 12, 2014 | Photos thread
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A few weeks with the RX 100 M3, time for a real opinion.
Aug 12, 2014

I had my doubts about buying this camera. I am from the opinion, that people are made crazy about the next real wonder. When in stead of buying this, they should learn to get to use and know their actual camera better.

Before I had my Canon 550 D for better pictures when travelling, and a Ixus, to have a memory of going out, driving around with the bike when the SlR was to heavy. I liked the pictures of both cameras for what I had to do. With the SLR, I started to put off the P mode, use a better 50. mm lens 1.4 for my portraits and sometimes wished the Ixus could then also do a bit better. I am not a great photographer, my skills are limited, but make occasionally a nice shot, that I am happy with , like the portraits and nudes of my gf, that shows I approve slightly.

Back to the Sony. I finally decide to buy it, although the price is steep, because it had a good lens, was still pocket-able enough, and it had a real viewfinder. For all I know, I would NOT have bought the M 3, without it. I saw, today here in France, with all the heavy taxes, a M 1 for 400 € a MK 2 for 550. For all I know now, if you not need the wider lens (but with less zoom), and the viewfinder, I think you are better of with the other models, generally speaking. Some also complain, about more noise-reduction that make Jpeg less usuable.

I found some flaws, and great quality. Yes the lens, I miss some zoom, but then it is more sensible. I not like the general settings for Jpeg. Images have a bit too much contrast, sharpening is too aggressive, colors sometimes a bit pale. But some people like pics wit much contrast, so maybe a reason Sony changed it approach.

But every time I use it, my pictures are better, because I know the camera better. For some "connaiseurs", they are of course average, because they are made to practice. A few days ago I shot Raw and Jpeg, and had some problems with PP, not because of the camera, but as I not know how to use well PP editors, and always use DPP for my Canon, where I know exactly what to expect.

Today I adjusted the settings to my liking, considering what I not liked about the original settings, and posted on flickr the Jpeg's without any altering. I not think they are less that much as the converted Raw's I made. I had no issues, I had before, because I understand the camera better, and what I have to be careful for. I still went top fast and can do much better. But the camera did what I asked for.

I will now use the Canon D550 mostly for the pictures of my wonderful girlfriend and some portraits of other people also, when I have it with me. And when not, every day around my belt have the Sony, and make some pictures, that come close to the SLR, and maybe do better in some conditions. But for people, not needing the viewfinder, the wider lens mostly, they should consider the M 1 and M 2, that offer good quality, have also other advantages.

Here a few picks from today, in the first link also, and the second of most things I shot since I have the camera!

Last Pics today

Sony RX3 albums

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