replace 2xAA with 1 lithium battery?

Started Aug 11, 2014 | Discussions thread
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wle wle
wle wle New Member • Posts: 5
replace 2xAA with 1 lithium battery?

i have an oldish powershot a560

i am tired of it claiming batteries are dead when they aren;t

i was thinking

it takes 2 AA batteries

i have been using eneloop rechargeables

what if i replace them both with one 14500 lithium cell?

will fill one cell holder with aluminum foil so it conducts

the voltage will be 3.7V instead of the max that 2 carbon-zinc cells could do, which is 3.30..

is the camera going to work, not work, complain, blow up, burn up, lose some functions, be damaged permanently?


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