You do not understand f-stop part II

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"the very basic principle of photography that Joseph James totally ignored"

HumanTarget wrote:

Just wanted to respond to this...

...little bit dtmateojr said:

Well here's the thing: I based facts on physical laws. It is a known fact for example that light intensity diminishes as the square of the distance. Other natural phenomena behave the same way such as gravitational force. In photography, this "distance" is your focal length. It makes sense therefore that a longer focal length must require a larger opening to compensate for the loss of light. That's why a f-stop is a f-stop with respect to the gathering of light. Yes, the DoF will change with different formats so you have to compensate somewhere else. This is the very basic principle of photography that Joseph James totally ignored.

Unless the laws of physics changed, there is no way we can ignore this fact. If you read my Debunking article I made an experiment there complete with photographic results that prove that what I believe in is phitographically sound and abides by the laws of physics. In that article I also introduced a thought experiment on dividing the sensor under a fixed lens. This is a practical application of integral calculus that everyone can understand. Yet people chose to be blind.

In fact, dtmateojr, I covered DOF:

and I covered the ISL (inverse square law):

and worked examples for both concepts. You see, your failure to read and/or understand does not mean I ignored anything. Of course, this was pointed out to you before, your "impressive credentials" notwithstanding. As another was quick to notice:

You have a rather fundamental problem that you simply don't know what you're talking about.

You have a secondary problem that you appear unable to recognize your fundamental problem.

You have a tertiary problem that you are making (indeed, have made) a laughing stock of yourself. But don't worry; you'll never know it.

You have a fourth problem that you appear unable to read -- or at least understand what you've read.

Might want to work on those things a bit.

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