XF 90mm f/2 R is on the roadmap

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Re: XF 90mm f/2 R is on the roadmap
In reply to Rod McD, Jul 28, 2014

Rod McD wrote:


I think another open question is where Fuji intends to take their lens range. It's easy to want ever more lenses and there are as many preferences as photographers. However, I find myself wondering exactly what Fuji has in mind and it may be an assumption that Fuji will ever make some of the suggested glass.

If one draws a comparison between say Nikon (or Canon) and Leica, one sees two distinctly different approaches. The big DSLR manufacturers have made virtually every type of lens from 8mm to 1200mm and probably more, in different speed and build options, and a host of specialised lenses like soft focus, defocus, TS lenses, medical, macro, etc, etc. Leica has a smaller system built around the capabilities of their RF system and marketed as a synonym for optical and build excellence. I don't know Fuji's long term goal for positioning their lens range and I doubt anyone else here does. It may be that we see an approach which limits the range. It's business, and they'll have to steer a line between 'being all things to all men' and offering a respected and viable smaller system.

My layman's guess is that abut 98% of all photography is done within a FL range between 20mm and 135mm (FF FOV). Fuji's current and known road map range of primes is from 14mm - 90mm which matches that just about perfectly. Add a small handful of zooms that take the range out wider and longer, and perhaps a longer macro some day, and that may just be the extent of their system.

Happy to be wrong.

Regards, Rod

Given last year's roadmap, it didn't take a lot of foresight to see that Fuji was taking a very conservative approach to the range and timing for the lenses they intended to introduce. The group of zooms without additional primes added this years threw me off a bit.

Market conditions have changed from what they were during the decades when Canon and Nikon were building that deep depth of lens selection they have. Fuji has managed to steer a successful course through a narrow market channel the past few years. I can't see that they have a lot more ground to cover. I also can't help but believe they'll come up with something.

I bought my X-E1 last February. I wanted to own the body, the 14mm and the 23mm. Buying the X-E1 / 18-55mm made economic sense to me. What I got with that unwanted zoom was the assurance to buy the 55-200mm when it was released. With the big lens promotion last March I finally got my long-awaited 23mm, and added the 27mm & 60mm, to boot. I want to add the 90mm and the super zoom when they come out. That would leave me with a ridiculously large selection of lenses to choose from.

Fuji will most likely redesign the 35mm, or come out with a Fujinon 32mm that has a faster, quieter mechanical design. They could release additional pancake primes. They could issue weather sealed versions of their existing lens designs. They could interest me in a wide T/S that performs as well as my 14mm; better still some sort of T/S adaptor that would use my 14mm. A trickster like Nikon's defocus lenses would find a cult following among pros.

Eventually they will do something in the flash department. They will come out with a camera body that has a faster flash sync. An X Mount with a leaf shutter would draw some attention from the current adherents. And then there's the long awaited organic sensor.

After those things, they just might set their eyes on a 48-MP organic sensor based medium format "Z Mount" body with 4 or 5 lens designs. Instead of an SD card slot, this would probably have to use some sort of portable SSD to get a suitable write speed.

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