How can I recover missing text from a Word document?

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In reply to skyglider, Jul 24, 2014

skyglider wrote:  Now, regarding SmartDefrag having possibly caused the problem. This is why I NEVER allow windows to do auto defrags. I always do a backup before I manually initiate any defrag. Have had some discussion in the past with folks who thought letting windows do auto defrags was the cat's meow. Maybe your experience can serve as one "possible" example of why auto defrags without doing a backup first, is not such a good idea.

I have been using SmartDefrag on AUTO for a number of years without any problems whatsoever.  However, I do have two backups made every day at 10:00am (FBackup - one is a Mirror, other is FULL and no compression - all self-selected files - which means in effect folders, so any new files in folders get added automatically) - which will still kick-in if I should be later booting the computer (NO - not out the window!)

I personally have never liked MS software - have always used Lotus - vastly superior.  My 1997 produced Smartsuite Millennium Edition can create, read and use all versions of MS Word - even the latest and oldest - try that with MS own software.  In addition, Lotus WordPro I have used (and still do) for production of illustrated newsletter - even allows for basic image processing like contrast and brightness - so a proof print of one page can then allow for simple adjustment to print any photos at their best and as images/photos are simply imported into self-created frames, they auto-resize, frames can be resized and images auto resize inside, can move around the page so text can flow around and so forth.  Although old in date creation, everything works perfectly in my Win 7 Ultimate 64bit OS.  Good ole Lotus!

As said, written in 1997 but all programmes (WordPro, Organizer, 123, etc. were written by the same team so work flawlessly together - and easily) and everything, as produced, is automatically backed up by itself, so I have several auto-backup ways to recover virtually anything.  All backups are duplicated - on to an internal HDD and an external USB HDD - belt and braces as they say.

When I am writing technical articles and booklets, etc. I know that as I work, backups are being automatically created and then, as said, every day two full "own files" backups are made.  Wouldn't work any other way.  Foresight and planning is always better than hindsight I reckon.

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