I inherited an M8 with no lenses

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Schroedingers_cat Veteran Member • Posts: 3,805
I inherited an M8 with no lenses

Body looks virtually unused. I got a body, two batteries, and a charger, but no lenses. I was given this camera from an estate and I'm trying to decide whether it's worth my time to get a lens on it.

I had a pre war film Leica about 300 years ago when I was in college, but otherwise don't know anything at all about them. I have however been using Nikons DLR and DSLR bodies since the mid 1960's. I consider myself an advanced amateur but sadly lacking in talent

Could someone please make some recommendations for a lens in the 35 - 50 mm or so range that I might fine at a reasonable (for Leica) cost to play with and decide whether I even want to keep this camera?

Talk to me like I 'm 4 years old, 'cause I have absolutely zero experience with Leica digital or with compatible lenses.  If I'm not asking the right questions please tell me that also.

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