The difference between liberal and conservative

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Edification wrote:

RobertSigmund wrote:

so how do you reconcile this with the fact that republicans give more to charity than democrats?

it would seem that liberals might "care" but they dont actually do anything where as conservatives actually help

Not quite.

The big, mainstream, charities are money sinks that pay big buck to the CEO and return 10% or less to the end-charity-purpose.

So, when "big people" give to charities they are only giving to themselves and their mates anyway.

THIS.. is what big charities do:

"A charity accused of carrying out questionable fundraising activities has been struck off the charities register after a five-month investigation by the sector's regulator.

Care 4 Kids Foundation of Australia collected nearly $1 million through door-knocking, supposedly to benefit disadvantaged children who had fallen behind in school work.

However, an investigation by 7.30 revealed that the $509,180 supposedly paid to beneficiaries since 2011 had in fact been paid to two tutoring companies wholly owned by Michael O'Connor, the son of Care 4 Kids Foundation's two directors.

When 7.30 confronted Mr O'Connor about his companies' activities he said he had no knowledge of the children they supposedly tutored, or about the financial dealings of the charity.

The companies did provide some tutoring to several disabled and low-income children, via tutors in the Philippines.

However, Care 4 Kids director Michael Johnston could not explain where the bulk of the money collected had gone."

That was Australia.. the US is:

"How would you feel if you donated money to help disaster victims or cancer patients and you later found out that more than 97 percent of the money that you gave never got into the hands of the people that needed it?
Sadly, that is happening all over America today. In fact, in some of the worst cases, less than a penny of every dollar that is donated ends up in the hands of those that need the help.

If you can believe it, right now there are 6,000 charities in the United States that use for-profit companies to raise money for them, and in many of those instances the for-profit companies end up keeping more than 50 percent of the donations for themselves. In addition, many charities end up paying their employees “salaries” that are far greater than the total amount of money that the charities actually give to the needy.

The Tampa Bay Times, CNN and the Center for Investigative Reporting recently teamed up to conduct an investigation, and they came up with a list of the 50 worst charities in America.

They discovered that those charities raised more than $1.3 billion over the past ten years combined, but that nearly $1 billion of that total went to the for-profit companies that raise their donations for them. The American people are being scammed out of an enormous amount of money, and people need to learn the truth about this."

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