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so how do you reconcile this with the fact that republicans give more to charity than democrats?

If we took churches out of the equation, does that still hold up?

it would seem that liberals might "care" but they dont actually do anything where as conservatives actually help

I can't speak for all liberals and conservatives, obviously, but based on what I see in this forum, at least, is that conservatives feel, more or less, that people deserve what they get whereas liberals feel, more or less, that your lot in life has a lot to do with circumstances beyond your control (for better or worse).

Conservatives, as it were, are more a fan of the "sink or swim" philosophy, whereas liberals are more a fan of requiring kids to stay in booster seats until they are 12 or 100 lbs.

If it were up to me, able bodied people who choose not to work would get nothing. Able bodied people who are willing would get not only job placement, but educational assistance so that they could improve their lot.

You are hear banned for trying to interject some kind of sensibility into the forum.

One would think that the Democrats and Republicans would be working towards this common sense goal, rather than be driven by the extremists in their ranks.  Then again, what if it's people like us who are the extremists, and the polarized factions that are the norm?

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