New Full Frame Camera Advice...

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New Full Frame Camera Advice...
Jul 19, 2014

I would appreciate some input regarding my plans for investing in a full frame digital camera. I've been getting by with my old Canon XT and kit lens for about... my God almost 9 years. I bought the XT on sale to get me through a couple photography classes at the time (graphic design major), but I really took a liking to both film and digital photography, to my surprise. Originally I had planned on getting some decent glass for the XT years ago because I loved dabbling in street photography and capturing worthy photos of vacations, etc... I was your average college student who worked full time on top of going to school full time while paying my own way, and couldn't even dream about investing in a full frame professional DSLR at that time when they were much more expensive. Well, I'm ashamed to say I never got around to investing in some decent glass for that old XT, but I managed to learn how to get the most out of that kit lens.

Fast forward to the present: I love low light photography. I love natural lighting. I love landscape/cityscape and street photography, especially at dusk/dawn/night. I've been keeping an eye on the new line of entry-level FF DSLR's the last year - the Canon 6D to be more specific.

With a $2,300 budget to get the ball rolling I think the 6D is perfect for me. It's fantastic in low light with its FF sensor, high ISO performance, and paired with a nice 50mm 1.4 lens it can really make my jaw drop. I stopped in a local photo store to play with the 6D and Canon's 50mm 1.4 lens in very low light settings (in the store). It really stole my heart. The store has a good rebate on the camera body, and I can find the lens online for $350 which leaves enough wiggle room in my budge to get a 64GB SD card, a decent camera bag, and a lens hood (day time photos of my nephew). The 50mm is a starer lens, but I plan on getting a decent ultra wide angle prime lens in the future when I tour Italy.

I've watched a ton of reviews on YouTube and know how much better the 5D MIII is, but it's way out of my price range. I'm not brand bias and I know all about the goodies Nikon sells, etc... I know all about the 6D's moire and aliasing, but I'm not a professional videographer. I do intend on recording some video when I go to Italy to visit family in a couple of years, and I also plan on recording video of my nephew's birthdays and such, but that's it. I'm also aware of how to shoot video in RAW with the 6D, and lower some settings to reduce moire. So why am I here?

I'll be damned if I didn't decide to look into mirrorless cameras this week and really derail my plans. I really love the Sony A7 and A7R. I love what they offer, and I love their retro look! However, I'm not particularly pleased with their low-light performance compared to the 6D. So usher the A7S. Well it's nice, but it's geared towards video more than photography. Even more it's well out of my price range. The few lenses that are available are quite expensive (for me), and I don't already have a decent collection of older lenses to warrant investing in a converter and heavier DSLR lenses. Why would I want to start out fresh by investing in older lenses that don't take full advantage of the mirrorless body anyway? So I'd pretty much have to get the A7 or A7S with a 55mm 1.8 prime lens which will go way over my budget before I even add in the extras.

MY QUESTION (FINALLY): Would it be worth it for me to break the bank now and dive into an A7/A7S with an expensive 55mm 1.8 prime to "future proof" my full frame quest? I feel kind of funny investing a couple thousand dollars in DSLR when mirrorless tech will keep maturing in the next couple of years, and more lenses are introduced. I'd like to think I should invest in the 6D with a couple of primes now, and then in 3 years or so see if mirrorless is worth investing in then. I'm keen to see what Canon and Nikon will offer in the next few years, and I honestly give Sony credit for pushing mirrorless like they are.

I think I'll be more than pleased with the 6D, but I would really appreciate everyone's opinion about someone like me jumping into mirrorless now or waiting 3-4 years to see what happens and how it all matures.

Thanks for reading my long first post!

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