Mirrorless & DSLR Weight Comparison

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Re: Mirrorless & DSLR Weight Comparison
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NowHearThis wrote:

wombat661 wrote:


But you can't shoot the camera with out a lens, comparing kit lenses the difference is just over 150g, or 1/3 lb. This is not the problem however. The problem is: you are comparing a POS near bottom of the barrel Rebel, that has poor DR, an outdated sensor, and low light performance that below that of my Olympus E-M10 to a very good Sony ILC with a new sensor, new processor, better grip, better video, tons more features, in a much much smaller kit.

Are you all guys kidding me? I won´t call names but will answer all in one post:

1) not all people want bigger APS-C, but not all want that small MFT. Both system coexist not only for this reason, and pushing MFT to APS-C tog, who does not care about weight that much has no point, and it is not any superior.

2) No, outdated sensor still has some ascpect, which is more important to people, and which gives better quality for lower price. Especially that test setup of SL1 + 50mm f/1,4 is very cheap and provides sharpness and resolution which is at least on par with all that Fuji and Olympus cams for almost half money. Is it not?

See this and this and that and more...

// should include 70D to match the price and to see how superior in resolution it is, but doesn´t matter. It´s funny to see that half price setup keeps up with competition, and sometimes kills it.

There are dozens of very normal and usefull aspects where cheap DSLRs are at least on par, many times even better. If you like different set of features and qualities, it is good. But don´t ever try to lie those are somehow superior to other cams in general. Those are not, and customers didn´t vote for those. They still vote for DSLRs.


Little more at 1/3 lb when compared with Nikon 5300. Car key and a bunch of coins would be 1/3 lbs. Skip the extra large at McDonalds will save that much too.

The typical house key weighs 0.5oz (the car keys only slightly more) this means you're going to have to have some 25+ keys in your pocket to equal the 1/3 lb your talking about. The car key analogy was probably not the best choice you could have used.

Everybody has his own needs. I´d carry all the gear with any weight, if it still fitterd in big pocket or on a belt. Might be 10 kilos, doesn´t matter!

Different guys, different strokes. I believe MFT people will get it definitely AFTER EVF will be better in every aspect possible, which I guess will be around yr 2130

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Why does he do it?

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