Mirrorless & DSLR Weight Comparison

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Re: The truth vs. brand fans
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Lab D wrote:

wombat661 wrote:

All of you bring out the Micro 4/3 as an example to compare against APS-C sized sensor DSLR. You will have no disagreement from me or anyone that going to a smaller sensor size will reduce the weight and size of the gear. Mainly is the lens size that will be smaller and lighter. That is very obvious from looking at the numbers.

There is a reason why so many websites picked the M43 E-M1 camera of the year last year 9adn the E-M5 the year before that). There is a reason why DPReview has stated in several reviews there is virtually no noticeable IQ difference between M43 and APS cameras these days. There is a reason why when people picked the top 25 challenge winners here at DPReview 5 of the top 10 were taken by M43 cameras.

The worst thing you can do is listen to those who are here to promote their favorite brand and who show clear bias. Instead, read the unbiased reviews. Then look at the challenge winners and decide if that kind of IQ is good enough for you.

Also, for more help, here is a very well written article by a professional who uses Micro Four Thirds explaining why.


If you search you find many, many of these blogs from pros.


You are going to get a lot of fear, uncertainty and doubt from the usual brand fans here, but instead go to respectable sites and get the truth.

Only problem with micro 4/3 is that physics said you will get more noise at high ISO. Unless these websites can violate the laws of physics. Micro 4/3 is going to get you more noise.

There is no doubt micro 4/3 fits many people's need. I am not an extreme photographer, but I find myself using f2.8 at high ISO in a lot of situations. Many times I don't want to use a flash, it tends to bother people. At a recent funeral, I took many pictures. No, I am not going to be flashing the guest every minute at a sensitive moment.

Sometimes I think professional who take the time to set-up a scene, get the proper lighting and analyze the light can get away with any camera because lighting level is good. Street photographer have plenty of light assuming is day time. Is those impromptu family gathering at aunt's house that requires a full frame to get nice pictures. For whatever reason, I don't feel like setting up remote flashes at a relative's house to take pictures. Just don't want to draw that kind of attention. Since I am always stuck at max aperture and still require high ISO, more light gathering ability is better. Problem is finding a camera that does make some significant difference in weight without sacrificing performance.

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