Mirrorless & DSLR Weight Comparison

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Re: Mirrorless & DSLR Weight Comparison
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wombat661 wrote:

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All of you bring out the Micro 4/3 as an example to compare against APS-C sized sensor DSLR. You will have no disagreement from me or anyone that going to a smaller sensor size will reduce the weight and size of the gear. Mainly is the lens size that will be smaller and lighter. That is very obvious from looking at the numbers. Bigger sensor gathers more light and requires bigger lens. Just to be sure, micro 4/3 is a good format for some conditions, but there is low light compromise and less bokhe for those that want more subject isolation.

Yes, they wave away the loss of light / high ISO performance with their hands but that is the price of going smaller and you already made clear you didn't want to do that. Well often advice here at DPR tends to be a shouting match - you won't believe the number of threads you get where people are still telling someone to get their favorite camera even after said thread-starter already posted that he's started using a different camera.

I want to keep the APS-C advantage, and that is when you run into questions of why switch to mirrorless. Looking at the graphs again, there are some weight savings, but not that much. Sony A6000 is the closest match to DSLR for focus speed, but the savings is only 60g when compared with Canon SL1.

That's because the Canon SL1 is a cheap piece of plastic with bare controls and basically built more like a bridge camera than DSLR quality.  If you want to compare the SL1, compare it to the A3000 or A5000 series.

Little more at 1/3 lb when compared with Nikon 5300. Car key and a bunch of coins would be 1/3 lbs. Skip the extra large at McDonalds will save that much too.

The gap here is much more significant than it sounds.  Slap a pancake lens on A6000 and see how it compares.  APS-C lenses will roughly be the same size given identical specs.  However, and this is important, mirrorless lenses tend not to have identical specs to DSLR lenses.  For a start, take a look at how many APS-C fast primes and pancakes you can find for DSLRs. Most are actually FF lenses that Canikon just tell you to take it or leave it.  Compare that with the number of dedicated APS-C primes there are. Secondly, there has been a dedicated move to come up with small lenses.  There are simply no equivalents in DSLR-land of the 16-50 PZ, the 16/2.8 and 20/2.8 pancakes, the Sigma f2.8 trio, etc. And even with fixed aperture zooms, they've been going for f/4 rather than f/2.8 to keep weight/size down.  So if you look at the respective lens lineups, they are very different.

The one caveat to all this is that Sony is now concentrating on FF lenses in E-mount, so it may be a while before new APS-C offerings are available (fortunately even for FF they are focusing on keeping lenses small, so you probably won't find behemoths like the Zeiss 50/1.4).  Overall, there is a much better dedicated APS-C lens lineup for E-mount than there is with Canon and Nikon DSLRs.

Fujifilm X-T1 is a higher end camera. From reading reviews, Fjuifilm normally does not focus too well on moving objects, and certainly not as good as A6000. Is 440g compared with 750g or so for a Nikon D7100 or Canon 70D equivalent that can guarantee to focus on moving subjects. There is 3/4lb of savings there, but lens will be the same weight. Fujifilm does not have any fast zoom lens. For low light, you then need to carry multiple fast primes lens. 3/4lb savings is a moderate savings then if you are carrying multiple lens. Looking at it quickly, 18mm and 27mm lens are very light at under 100g. Beyond that, at higher zoom range, prime lens seems about the same as DSLR. If you mainly use wide angle prime, and don't need focus tracking Fujifilm would be good.

Most Fuji cameras are big. Most Fuji lenses are fast (and therefore heavier and more expensive).  Overall, the system size is not much different from DSLRs.

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