Mirrorless & DSLR Weight Comparison

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Re: You are not the norm
In reply to peevee1, Jul 9, 2014

peevee1 wrote:

The Canon has a wider aperture at the wide end

It does not, it is still f/3.5.

as well but not by much. With the telephoto lenses, the Canon goes to 400/9 eq., while the m43 is 300/11 - both shorter and slower, not to mention resolution.

Again, you multiply apertures without regard for sensor performace. In fact, at f/5.6 and the same shutter speed necessary for the shot both will use the same ISO, regardless of your multiplications, and at the same ISO both will have approximately the same image quality (in fact higher on Olympus at low ISO).

Approximately less but the Canon will have a bit less noise, and f/11 is "a bit" slower that f/9, and if you add all those bits, you get about 1 stop difference, and the Canon does it at 400mm, not at 300mm eq.! Not bad for a system with the same capability! Also, the Oly will suffer more from diffraction.

Show me one crop of that oly lens at 300mm eq. that has great IQ.

The new m43 sensors beat Canon's at low ISO in DR only, by 0.7 EV (yeah, that destroys it!)

2/3Ev - not so bad, the difference between Canon FF and Canon APS-C is smaller than that. And 0.3 bits in color depth.

And worse in two other metrics but you conveniently omitted that. Not to mention that you have to be quite lucky to shoot at base ISO with such a slow zoom, thus negating whatever advantage you may have at base ISO.

A little, but still nice for a smaller sensor. And when your DoF is too short, you will have to close apertures further [...]

The DOF at f/9 eq. too short? Are you kidding?

I am not a fan of ether combo but what all the evidence of the "reach" of the m43 system I have seen so far has been terribly blurred and noise-reduced photos, like this one one or this one. I have seen from passable to good ones taken with the Canon 55-250. Convince me otherwise, post a 100% crop taken at 300mm eq. FL to demonstrate the reach of the m43 system.

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