Mirrorless & DSLR Weight Comparison

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I think the part you're missing is owning the systems in that chart and taking them both on the daily. It's a big difference. Especially using high quality glass. I'm not sure how long your gigs are, but sometimes going 8 hours in a day can be quite daunting.

Most people don't use a dslr 8 hours a day, this is not the norm when shooting photography.

Most people use their cameras when traveling. If I am on tour in Paris or St Petersburg, I WILL have the camera literally on me 8 hours a day or more, and the weight makes a difference after a day of touring. Also, what you can fit into your carry-on luggage with everything else you need in there also differs a great deal, even with one lens, let alone 2 or more. You can check out the sizes and prices of E-M5+12-50+40-150 vs, say, 70D+15-85+55-250, which will give you approximately the same abilities.

And of course unfailing speed and precision of CDAF in modern m43 cameras and convenience of EVF with multiple focus and exposure aids, real-time WB preview etc cannot be overestimated. Simply much fewer headaches, especially for JPEG shooters who will not spend many days after the trip reprocessing all the thousands of their pictures from RAWs.

If I am traveling and it is a vacation, I would take a phone or possibly a RX100ii or similar, they are just snapshots anyway with an occasional sunset, but if you are going to a specific place, say Europe or US, I would not use an em or 70d, I would be going for landscapes, night shooting, street photography, in which FF is the only thing I would use.

When traveling.. I would say that phones are the norm, for someone traveling specifically I would say they would use their best camera and lenses and that would be a DSLR.

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