Mirrorless & DSLR Weight Comparison

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The Incredible Hoke
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Re: Mirrorless & DSLR Weight Comparison
In reply to TrickTheLight, Jul 9, 2014

TrickTheLight wrote:

ShawnHoke wrote:

When my wife and I used to go to the park, I wouldn't bring my DSLR, because it meant bringing my camera bag along with everything else on our 1.5 mile walk to the park. Now I just toss the a6000 in our blanket/beach towel bag and call it good.

That's not an advantage of the camera being different, that is the advantage of not bringing other stuff. This is part of the discussion that confuses me. People talk about how much lighter the mirrorless is, compared to their entire camera bag. You can just carry your DSLR, without the whole bag of lenses and other high quality stuff, and it will be lighter too. That's what I do. My camera bag usually makes it as far as the car, but when I arrive at where I am going, I leave the bag behind, bringing only the camera, and the lens mounted on it. On rare occasion I put a lens in a belt pouch.

Looking at the numbers, yes, there is a difference, and if you express it in percents, it looks like a lot. I don't intuitively grasp grams, so I convert, and the difference is a few ounces, maybe as much as seven ounces. I have a 16 ounce bottled water here, it's just not that much weight. A bag full of them would get heavy, but that's a different matter. Especially if you, like one of my friends, get MORE stuff to carry around, because it is lighter. It's funny, he complains about the weight of his stuff, often, despite having the mirrorless system, because he is lugging around that bag of stuff, and I don't complain about camera weight, despite having one of the heaviest camera bodies available. I try to tell him, he should get a full frame DSLR like mine, but he's not interested.

Here's the thing, I decide if it makes a difference to me. If I'm not working, I only carry one camera and one small prime lens, occasionally I will carry an alternate prime.

When I'm already carrying two bags of stuff to the park or the beach, I don't usually choose to carry my DSLR (either in a bag or hanging off my shoulder). It's just more stuff. But, when I can squeeze the little Sony in between our blanket and towels in a stuffed bag I already have to carry, it's a difference.

It's not necessarily the weight as I'll happily carry my Hasselblad all day or drag my huge 8x10 and heavy wooden tripod up and down subway steps. The small Sony just doesn't feel like anything extra when I'm already carrying a bunch of stuff. I can even toss it into my wife's bag or purse and she doesn't even notice it. Can't say that about my D700.

This doesn't affect my relationship with my FF DSLR. It's still one of my favorite cameras ever, but I don't have to carry it everywhere when the Sony gets the job done.

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