Who really has the fastest AF system?

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Re: Mirrorless guy.. fail again
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Can anyone say who has the fastest AF system, DSLR, mirrorless, included.

In a year or 2 we should see mirrorless cameras shooting 20 FPS or faster while maintaining focus. Some can already shoot faster than that now but without focusing.

Once we have a global shutter, 30+ FPS will be common among mirrorless cameras. They are already shooting video at 30 FPS and 8MP already.

In a couple of years the next the pro level Canikons will shoot comparable frame rates...

No they won't. DLSRs need to flap a mirror up to take a picture then back down before they can focus. Since this is mechanical there is wear and tear on the mechanism each time and more force the faster it goes (and V is squared to compute force so A LOT more force). I am sure this all can be done, but the cost will skyrocket. Meanwhile, those cheap inexpensive mirrorless cameras will get cheaper and faster.

Speculation always seems attractive compared to reality.

Right, which is why DSLR focusing has not improved much in the past several years despite what some had hoped. .

PDAF rules the day when AF counts.

False. LENSES rule the day. How many Sony and Pentax PDAF cameras do you see pros using at sporting events? We already know CDAF is more accurate and does not need manual adjustment, but there is not the great selection available yet.

Nikon and Canon have the best AF for action plus the best lenses. It's a winning combination. You fail when you minimize them. They dominate. The nice little hobby cameras just can't compete.

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f8 and be there

Except we know they can compete from unbiased reviews. The GH4 which costs about 1/4th of what a D4s costs is very close in continuous focusing. In fact, for some types it is more accurate unless you spend a lot of time micro-adjusting each Nikon lens properly. Even the cheaper A6000 was very close to the Nikon and in some cases could be more accurate.

Prosumer DSLRs cheaper than... any other mirroless.

Which Prosumer DSLR is cheaper than the A6000 and shoots at 11 FPS????

Its not about the highest fps, its about the highest number of keepers and having confidence that you will catch the decisive moment when it comes. It means that you want to see whats happening without any EVF lag, black out or stuttering.

I also hope you aren't saying pros never use the D7100 or 7D.

Some may if their business isn't big enough to motivate a 1D/D4.

Again, it is the lenses that matter. Here it is no contest and why pros almost never consider other DSLRs such as Pentax or Sony.

If that was the only reason you would see the pros use cheaper Canon and Nikos than the top models.

Yes, I agree, to protect those $6000 cameras they put worse focus systems in lower cost DSLRs. Mirrorless focusing is based on software and so the better focus systems make it to cheaper cameras. This is why the A6000 can shoot at 11 FPS and come close to a D4s while a D5300 is still slower with a cheaper mechanical focus system. You can't even micro-adjust the D5300 so unless you get lucky sending it in to Nikon, so it may never be as accurate.

Thanks for pointing out all this.

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