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I would also concur with your point about an internet connection. High speed internet is far from universally available in all locations. And if you are out in the out back, it's non-existent.

Being in a big tech-savvy city surprisingly doesn't always help. Ironically, some of the worst and slowest Internet connections you can get are at expensive big-city hotels. If you end up with a room at one of these places with bad download speed and worse upload speed, the Cloud becomes a major liability.

Alpha Doug wrote:

On the other hand, the way that Adobe has handled this so far is sort of a "sneaker net " approach.

I thought it was the opposite. There is no local syncing between Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile. It relies on Adobe's servers to be the central repository from which your Lightroom Mobile devices sync. There is no sneakernet, cable, or even local network sync option; if you don't have full Internet you don't have syncing.

Apple showed signs of going this way when they dropped local (cable) syncing of contacts and calendar to an iPhone, forcing iCloud-only syncing. It came back though (after a great deal of user protest), so it's not clear if Apple really wanted to force all syncing into iCloud or if they just needed to fix some bugs with cabled sync.

I really meant the sneaker net comment in the most sarcastic, silly way. In essence, if I am in the field with nothing but my iPad, I cannot really do anything with my images until I use my "sneakers" to walk up to my house and insert the card in my home computer. THEN I can get the live preview uploaded and at that point I can access them on my computer. There is a third party app that works better than Lightroom Mobile which is a mostly useless program.

Don't forget that Lightroom Mobile is in its very early stage of development. I know for a fact that Adobe sees Lightroom Mobile as the 'point of entry' one day, just like you describe. In that scenario you are in the field with only your iPad, and you upload the images to Lightroom Mobile first. Lightroom Mobile may even become the most important version one day. The version you also use for editting. The desktop version would then mainly be used for archiving. I'm pretty sure that Lightoom Mobile will also have local storage when that time comes. Adobe also knows that you sometimes don't have an internet connection.

I agree, however, just for now, I find it useless.

I find it very useful to get some images from Lightroom to my iPad for presentations. I can now do that without having to export them and then synchronize my iPad with my desktop. All I need to do is put those images in a special synchronized collection. When I start Lightroom Mobile the images are there.

Actually, the same points you made for LR Mobile could also apply to "Photos for iOS and Photos for OS X" when they arrive.

True, but in case of Lightroom Mobile I know that it's a companion app for a professional desktop app that already exists and won't disappear. And I also know the philosophy behind it. In case of Photos for iOS and Photos for OS X, all I know is what Apple has demoed so far and that doesn't make me very optimistic about the level of sophistication Apple is going for. And I know that Apple just announced they will not develop the professional desktop app they had any further, wich also doesn't make me very optimistic in this respect.

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