Nikon color and skin tones - 3 examples and poll (subjective)

Started Jul 3, 2014 | Polls thread
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Nikon color and skin tones - 3 examples and poll (subjective)
Jul 3, 2014

I find the questions and comments about skin tones interesting.  I believe while there are technical matters (exposure, white balance, good R-G-B or CYMK ratios, etc...) that are important, certainly to a large degree personal preference plays a significant role.

I've been playing with some presets in lightroom to not only make processing faster but also to get close to a certain look as a starting point.

The following three photos start off very similar.  Same crop, same white balance, all have a yellow post cloned out, slight bump of clarity/saturation on just the eye's... then they're processed differently.  One is "Nikon standard" as far as color and tone curve.  The other two have tone curve adjustments and pretty heavy color adjustments.

I'm curious what your SUBJECTIVE preference is.  Choose whatever criteria you like but please vote for the one you like the best.  After a bit I'll reveal what was done to the photos (if anyone is interested - LOL).  Note:  files are relatively low res but the point isn't to zoom to 100% but look at the overall picture in total.




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