"Because nobody wants to buy those G series cams anymore......."

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"Because nobody wants to buy those G series cams anymore......."
Jun 28, 2014

Let's see if we can have a rational discussion vs getting all defensive and/or fanboy/gal over this.

I was in a camera shop in Boston yesterday. They're small but a real old school mom and pop place. Been around for a long time. Locals will probably be able to guess the name but it's not the point anyway.

I went in looking around at what they had in stock. Can't help being a gear head, afterall. They had some decent choices, including a Sony RX100.......mark III was out of stock I believe. A Sony mirrorless..........A5000. Keep selling out of the A6000 I believe he told me. I played around with that one for a while. Nice. Anywho, I noticed there were zero G series around and asked him about it. He told me (I pretty much paraphrased in the thread title as I can't recall exact wording) that they weren't worth stocking as ..........basically, for the money, why would anyone want the G series cams when the same amount of money would get you a nice Sony mirrorless with a bigger sensor or the Sony RX100. I was pressed for time. Otherwise in looking back I may have made the distinction between the G15 and 16 and the G1x and/or G1x II but I didn't get the chance. He could have been specifically only referring to the G15 and 16s but then again I only said the G series.

Keep in mind this is someone who works (possibly owns or co owns, don't know for sure) a camera shop where they really DO see what sells and what doesn't and have to stock themselves accordingly and not stock a very small shop with things "nobody wants."

Made me wonder..........is it really a niche market for these cams? More of a feel and a (I think) almost old school preference for a nice solid and less pocketable camera that also makes shooting somewhat fun and less smart phone "ish"? Granted a Sony mirrorless isn't quite smart phone small but with the large sensor it seemed to give the G series a run for it's money. A run right out the door apparently.

With how much raving I and others on here do about the G series, I think it's just a handful of people who value these cams. I was a bit disappointed to know he didn't have any real need to carry them at all.

I guess my question or what made me wonder was what he said...........why would anyone prefer these cams if, for around the same cash, you supposedly could do much better? For those who have shot with everything in the more compact genre, why would you still prefer a G series cam?

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