Macs demise... bluray

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Macs demise... bluray
3 months ago

BluRay is here to stay and Mac does not have it.

Mac has some of the nicest displays, some of the retina but they have no bluray player/recorders built in. They don't even have a DVD. Some games exceed DVD's capacity, so how do you load them up?

BluRay is the only media disk that will play 4k video movies. But lets look at HD 1080p bluray which Apple does not support. A friend comes over and sees me watching a movie on my laptop. He says he would like to see it. I said, as soon as I am finished you can take the bluray, watch it and return it to redbox (it cost me $1.50 to rent) but he could not do this because he had a mac. He said he could stream it to his mac but I told him that streaming videos are not even close to a bluray. BluRay at 1x speed is 36megabits per second. My home internet speed is 40megabit through centurylink and 50 is available through comcase cable, but these are perfect world speeds, I could not stream a blue ray disk over the internet. Apple HD streams are highly compress and barely look HD compared to bluray disk. Ultra HD has been compressed down to 40mb (but most movies are higher).

Apple is stubborn and will not jump on board. Microsoft with the xbox  360 was also stubborn and would not support bluray. Guess what... the xbox1 supports bluray because it is the only disk that will handing HD/UHD gaming and video.

Many Mac heads say, streaming is good enough.. ok, that is an opinion and it is personal and subjective but what this does not address is rights.

When I purchase a game/software/movie. I can resell the disk because I own it. I can go to gamestop and trade in my bluray/DVD game to get a new one. Try selling your downloaded copy. I can sell my old dvds at a garage sale for 3 to 5 dollars each and recoup some of the expense used  to purchase them originally.

To rent a new movie from Itunes it is $4.99 but at redbox it is $1.50. To buy the movie is probably similar prices but neither the Itunes rental or purchase will ever look as good as a bluray at 34megabit bit rate.You never really own the title but you own a bluray disk that you could sell later. In America you can rip that disk to your media player hard drive so it is available to all your computers full bit rate on your wired network.

What if you have steamed movies you purchased from Itunes and your computer hard drive crashes. You have to download them all again if they are even available. On a pc, the bluray disk is the backup copy to your movies on your media storage device.

When a Macbook pro costs double to triple the cost of a HP/Dell/Asus laptop that come with bluray drives, people are disappointed. Wake up Apple to the realword or fall prey to obscurity.

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