Please help find my optimal camera, my use case is different, not-fabulous real estate photography

Started Jun 20, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Please help find my optimal camera, my use case is different, not-fabulous real estate photography
Jun 20, 2014

Hello folks. I have been looking for a month. Mostly here, and now on Steves Digicams. I go to camera shops and best buy and walmart, and the limited selection isn't helping, neither are the salespersons more interested in wrapping me up than me getting the right camera for me. I know there is the one, probably a handful with what I need, and I'm picky, perhaps one of you can help?

I need a point and shoot (Pocketable) digital camera for real estate. I sell apartments, all of which are housed by tenants. I will never need a big fancy camera. I have been getting by on a dying decade old sub $100 camera (olympus stylus 710). So I know I can do great with a $250-$399 Camera.

I know I need less than 35mm to get those tight room photos, and capture the room instead oh what's beyond the doorway. I guess I do need more like 24mm than even 28mm. I don't know, you tell me. I usually do walk-throughs and snap photos on the way, while recording notes for my agent visual inspection, and while shooting lazers and taking room measurements. It is hurried, and I don't have time to create professional shots. I snap as I go, I have learned to snap a lot, and one out of 25 hots may get used. And this is ok, no one is impressed by room shots, nor should they be. They just need a basic idea what exists. It's a rental. So I assume I need the biggest sensor available (I most likely don't fully understand them), because I need a camera that can automatically adjust to capture shots quickly, and often in poorly lit rooms (there is no lighting because there is no fixture and people don't have lamps in the room, furthermore windows are covered by sheets or blankets). And I'm here trying to not disturb tenants, they follow me, or are waiting on me. I don't have time to set up shots, I need the camera to figure it out, and get a suitable shot in the darkness using the flash.

I also assume the technology in the most recent cameras surpasses what has been around a while. All the real estate reviews I can find are 2013 latest, and feature 2012/2013 cameras, and mostly talk about capturing breathtaking photos of mansions or high end single fam houses, I just need a decent representation of what there is.

I dislike how my olympus requires it's own cord, because of their proprietary port, and won't play with others. Probably the case with every manufacturer, right?

I guess I need low noise, if 24/25 photos are garbage, I would like to reduce that ratio. I also want image stabilization as I aim quick shots and want more of those to be useful.

Yes I want decent movie taking for pleasure, not business. slow mo would be great, because I like setting off fireworks BLAM! That's probably asking too much. I don't care about a viewfinder I'll never use, nor a pop-up flash, I can see that getting smashed off by a door frame. Not too worried about zoom, would be nice for pleasure, but I'm used to the far shots being terribly grainy and the majority I take are close in anyway. I also want battery life. I understand mine is dying, and it won't hold a charge through a session when I use flash a lot. Probably any new camera will fix that. I will never use a tripod.

Do I have to buy a storage card? I upload all pics and erase after every shoot. I expect a camera to come with a cord and a lanyard at least.

And then I want the lcd screen, controls, and menus to be likeable. People keep trying to sell me stuff, and then I later read the reviews and people hate it! lol.

Please, no lectures on my shooting style, there is a time and a place for art, and my job is not it (although that does directly apply to others in real estate).

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