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Re: Not bad but ...
In reply to Scott Greiff, Jun 17, 2014

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

HBowman wrote:

As I said and stated : The difference between Merrill and Quattro is Marginal. You wont see a big evolution. Only in the camera handling, bit more quicker, bit more DR but a lose in "foveon" effect.

Well we can already see you are wrong there from these new samples. That's just an absurd claim to make, although you seem to try to make it in EVERY SINGLE POST now. What happened to you?

Well, Kendall, to be fair there is a good amount of churn in and out of the Sigma fold.

My general impression of the samples is that the detail is gorgeous, and indeed may well exceed anything else on the market.   That said, I agree with Hulyss, these images might have lost that Foveon look.


Could you explain?
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