Any three lenses (but only three)

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Is not photography such an aggressive sport? After all, how very many photographers "capture" and "shoot" things. They imprison temporal (and spatial) slices of reality within a rectangular prison, where, like an animal in a zoo, that slice of reality, no matter how ill-conceived, must live out its days. That this prison--the photograph's habitat, if you will--might be too small, too cold, or too blasé is hardly of import. All that matters to this ilk is that this exotic "animal" was bagged...with the longest, widest, or sharpest "gun." Yes, superzoom aficionados and prime sharpness whores, I'm talking about you.

In regard to this thread (and in particular, its convenience sampling), few things exert more of a monopoly on apocrypha than the hypothetical: what people think they want might hardly be what they need. After all, how many poles does a blind man need to see? One? Two? Three? Will he who needs to see with new eyes come to see better with new glass?

You ask what three lenses we might wish to have. I'd rather have only one lens and see well with it than all the glass in the world and be blind. And no amount of corrective eyewear can fix cortical blindness.

Yes, photography is a "contact" sport!

That is why we have forums...

So, absolving the apocalyptic verbiage, in which one lens would you invest your lifelong photographic conjugal bliss?

PS, in this "photographic religion" you can choose up to three wives if you will, or are able...

PPS, except for anotheMike, who due to his "saintly" achievements, can select three for each of his favourite "churches!"

LSD. It really is a lens because of the way it bends light (and time).

An untypical "acidic" response, I must say!

It obviously bends more than light and time.. it does appear to have bent your mind as well! Have you finally grasped the notion that "brevity is the essence of wit?"

Hardly. I find in myself a deep-seated commitment to the ponderous, over-burdened sentence, à la manière de Joseph Conrad, whose murky writing has been variously described with such euphemisms as impressionistic and richly evocative. Ah, the lengths to which people will go in the service of politeness..

Now, tasting Hemingway is like licking a razor blade, but getting hit with a Conrad sentence is like suffering blunt force trauma.

I'm no Hemingway. Horror of Horrors!

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