The Past "Photography" the Future "Imagery" Not for ME!

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for me

fcheh wrote:

Just food for thought in the good old days we had Photography:

The good old days (to me) were high expense and limited shooting opportunities because of the high expense of film and processing.

Are we at the Tipping Point of "Imagery" where we PS the F* out of the image and call it Photography?

Describing it as Tipping Point would be melodramatic. We have been there for decades. The difference is it's more accessible than ever by those without the funds or specialist knowledge of photography.

I would love to start a forum just for "What I Saw is What You Get" no post processing allowed, not even cropping just natural the way it happened pictures!

You can, and the good news is it's even easier to self-publish now with the internet.

One reason why I love a great zoom lens is you crop as you go, you compose then shoot. Primes are great BUT they give you the SAME point of view as everyone else using them.

Primes are limiting (focal length-wise). Nobody has worked out how to get the best of both worlds in a cheap lens.

Think of the days when each and every shot cost MONEY and was composed, waiting for the light, several takes then the lightbox, sorting for the best.

You can still do this if you want (and have the taste for it).

2014 and we have "BURST" shoot the S* out of something and hope something good comes of it and by the time we sit down and view 400 shots of nothing we forgot what we were trying to capture.

It's awesome. It happened because we collectively wanted it to happen.

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