California shootings - 6 Dead.

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Humours Dip
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Re: You don't seem to mind lying

Marty4650 wrote:

Humours Dip wrote:

Regarding your view that whites are honest decent people, and blacks are unpleasant violent people (effectively what you were saying earlier), it would be interesting to compare homicide rate against income level. Blacks and hispanics on average have much lower incomes. That is why people do not like it when you say blacks are violent, but people are afraid to say the truth. In fact you are avoiding the issue to support your own extreme right wing views.

I challenge you to find a post where I said "whites are honest and decent" and "blacks are unpleasant violent people."

We both know I never said any such thing, yet you have invented a staw man, and named him after me. This is intellectually dishonest. Which is a polite way of calling you a liar.

And yes, there certainly is an economic factor involved with criminal behavior, but I believe it is way overblown by those seeking to make excuses for criminal behavior. There is NOTHING inherently dishonest about poor people, and NOTHING inherently good about rich ones. I believe that values and culture play a much bigger role than economics do.

Let me translate that for you before you attempt your own mis-characterization:

Any group of people, regardless of race, that glorifies thug culture, criminal behavior, and misogyny will have more of a crime problem. Those that don't glorify these things will have less of a crime problem.

Please note that "Knockout game " isn't done for economic gain. It is simply done for the pleasure of hurting innocent people. And this isn't a game at all, although the media always portrays it as one in order to downplay it's implications. These are cruel attacks against helpless people.

You also distort the homicide stats by including countries such as Mexico which is being torn apart by drug gangs fighting to control the supply of drugs to middle class americans.

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