California shootings - 6 Dead.

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Re: It's more than interesting
In reply to Marty4650, May 25, 2014

Marty4650 wrote:

edwardaneal wrote:

whats also interesting is that even though gun ownership has dramatically increased over the years shown in these charts gun homicides have dropped across the board for every race

It isn't just interesting, it was highly predictable.

More honest people owning guns means more risk for criminals. Unless they are fortunate enough to live in some gun free zone like Chicago or DC, where only the criminals have the guns. Then, they can do whatever they please, with no fear of anyone actually defending themselves.

You post extreme right wing views, interpreting reality to fit your agenda, without evidence. The truth though is that violence has been declining all over the world, not just in America, but throughout the world, ignoring conflict zones. The truth is that Brits are shocked by the rampant violence in North America. When I lived in Montreal, it was common to hear that a depanneur (corner shop owner) had been killed. There was a mass murder of female students at Concordia university, when a fruitcake entered a lecture hall, and opened fire.

Regarding your view that whites are honest decent people, and blacks are unpleasant violent people (effectively what you were saying earlier), it would be interesting to compare homicide rate against income level. Blacks and hispanics on average have much lower incomes. That is why people do not like it when you say blacks are violent, but people are afraid to say the truth. In fact you are avoiding the issue to support your own extreme right wing views.

Simple fact: After Florida adopted a "right to carry law" in 1987, violent crime dropped by 52%. This decrease was much greater than the decrease the rest of the nation had And assaults against women dropped by a staggering 75%. Why? Because criminals now were worried about what a woman might have in her purse. They don't like to take risks. They prefer to attack the helpless, not the well armed.

This is so simple that it is astounding that many people still don't get it. When you disarm honest citizens you are inviting more crime.

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