645Z - medium format for the masses - is there still a market for a D4x?

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Re: Who is chasing who?

PatFahey wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

PatFahey wrote:


Well... I will agree that CMOS is cheaper to produce and uses less energy. But from there -- I'm afraid -- our opinions differ

It isn't opinion...it is fact. The color difference you are seeing is to do with the CFA. That is easily profiled for with any camera.


Please cite your source. I'm always eager to learn something new.


CCD and CMOS are both monochrome devices. They are not one jot sensitive to colour. Not one jot. Colour is synthesised using interpolations based on the Bayer array. Change the hues/intensities of the colours in the Bayer array or change the demoissaicing algorithm and hey presto, you've changed your colours in your images.

I have read a lot of fantasy from proponents of their expensive but out of date CCDs, but not one of them seems to have tried comparing CCD against CMOS in a purely monochrome environment with no Bayer filter in front of either to make a fair and informative comparison. Without doing so, it's all speculation.

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