"small" FF mirrorless camera ... big deal?

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neil holmes
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Re: The most important takeaway
In reply to Lab D, May 15, 2014

Lab D wrote:

neil holmes wrote:

Lab D wrote:

Just another Canon shooter wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Sony a7r is an ILC too, in fact one that is more or less a "universal mount".

with an extremely limited number of lenses (allowing AF).

But you are now deflecting from the size and weight argument your incorrectly made earlier.

I did not, read carefully.

If you want to discuss high resolution Sony a7r vs faster AF Canon 5D II... create a different thread, or revive one to discuss it.

There is nothing about mirrorless that makes it higher resolution, just the opposite, it is in one of the posts above. This is not a thread about 5D2 vs. the A7R. I just responded to your (incorrect) statement in my fist post here.

Looking strictly at facts,

Yes lets.

the weight advantage can be very small or next to nothing. While the A7 weighs less than the 6D, the 70-200mm, 35mm F/2.8 (compared to the 40mm F/2.8), and 55mm F/1.8 (compared to the 50mm F/1.8) all weigh more. The worst case I could find is the Canon weighed 19% more which is not a large burden as some people try to claim. As lenses were added to the kit the weight evened out and the difference dropped to 2%. Add to this that NEITHER fit in your pants pocket and BOTH require a camera bag.

The other piece which can't be ignored is the loss of functionality and comfort. Some people will not be affected by lesser focusing and speed, but others will. So the question is, is saving a small percentage in weight worth the loss in functionality? Also, their is a fantasy that since the camera body without a large grip and mirror is smaller, the lenses must ALL be smaller too. That the facts show is not true. And since the largest part of most peoples kits are the combined lenses, it reduces or negates any savings in body size. This is apparent when you look at the 6D and A7 with 70-200mm lenses attached. Both are large, neither has a real size advantage, but the 6D has a nicer grip.

comfort is subjective...functionality depends on what functions a person wants....I prefer the grip of the A7.

I would agree with you but too many say the A7 grip is not usable with a large lens and that holding the camera by the lens is preferred. This tells me the smaller grip can become unusable before the larger grip becomes unusable. That is not really subjective then. There is point for everyone where the smaller grip will no longer work but the larger grip will. That point is different for everyone though.

They both focus at 5fps,

You need to talk to Sony because their specs continue to say 2.5 FPS with focusing.

Show me ANYWHERE where is says the camera is not focusing in speed priority mode.

Easy enough to test too......just keep your finger on the button and pan.

The camera does focus at 5fps......it may not be as accurate but it does work fine....I would not for instance use it to track anything really fast moving but for many subjects it is good.

I do think the 6D will have a higher hit rate at 5fps.     Wont be that big a deal though...neither is the best camera for high speed AF.

the A7 flash sync is 1/250 VS 1/160 for the 6D, the A7 screen is higher res and tilts while the 6D screen is fixed, the A7 has 1080 50/60p in video, A7 has an EVF (which I prefer...others will differ) with peaking and magnification,

The 6D offers both peaking and magnification via the LCD with Magic Lantern. If you really like an EVF, a collapsible houdloupe can be used too. A clear OVF that does not have a delay and that does not black out is preferred by many though.

I much prefer looking in the viewfinder for peaking and magnification.   ML is a third party hack and a loupe on the LCD is no substitute for an EVF.

1/8000 A7 VS 1/4000 6D.

Lenses will pretty much weigh the same.....the A7 is about 300grams lighter....no big deal really but the shape is smaller.

The body is smaller, but overall nowhere near as much as people would lead you to believe

What people would that be?

It is a smaller camera than most APSC DSLRs let alone FF ones ....size and weight.

Some will prefer the 6D others will not.

That is the biggest takeaway. Some like pickup trucks, some like mini-vans, some like small cars. Choice is a good thing.


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