"small" FF mirrorless camera ... big deal?

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neil holmes
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Re: "small" FF mirrorless camera ... big deal?
In reply to Lab D, May 14, 2014

Lab D wrote:

neil holmes wrote:

Lab D wrote:

neil holmes wrote:

Lumixdude wrote:

With its slow AF speed, the A7 is a nice substitute for only a couple of purpose really... landscape and portrait photography where AF doesn't matter, or as an alternative to something like a Leica M digital rangefinder at 1/5th the price.

It's a good camera, but if you want the ultimate in size and weight reduction and a DSLR like package, it's no replacement for an OMD.

A7 does not have "slow AF speed".

In low light there have been complaints. It can't match a DSLR and if an object is moving it gets worse.

There are complaints about every camera.

Agree 100%

The A7 does 2.5fps

2.5 FPS is not very fast and I would call it slow.

Again, it is not 2.5

When focusing, 2.5.


It is not the same as other cameras that have focus locked.....it still autofocuses. It does not always keep up but it is not locked.

I just went outside (still early) and shot off a 100 plus frames with the kit lens.....I focused on a couple of cars coming towards me and it did ok.

I also just panned around quickly not focusing on anything in particular and it would grab focus then go out of focus as I panned fairly quickly and a few frames later grab focus again then do the same...all while keeping my finger down.

Again, it is not the greatest but it focuses just fine for me.

One of the reviews I saw said (something like) it would be ok for a racing horse but faster things would pull it up....that might be pretty apt I think.

The A7 is stripped down and has a lot of features and capabilities missing compared to a real DSLR. Not everyone needs them and for those people I am sure the A7 is OK.

Yes true....like focus peaking, and magnification, and horizon level, and an EVF, and smaller size.....oh wait those are things the A7 has.....

The Canon 6D with ML also has focus peaking, magnification, and real optical view finder, etc.

A "real optical viewfinder" is a down side for me.

6D specs are pretty close to an A7.....one is better at some things, the other at others.....for ME it would be the A7 every time, for others the 6D....and of course the ML is a third party hack.

It does not have a mirror or an OVF, things I no longer want or need....ymmv.

I said before not everyone needs those things and the A7 may be for them.

Same with A DSLR.....to each their own (and choice is good).

The A7 is not for everyone but then neither is a GH4 or GX7 or XT1 or D610 or........

Agree again. No camera is for everyone.

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