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A6000 vs. A77ii Continuous AF - Very confused

Started May 14, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Timothy S Broadley
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Re: Let me put it more simply...
In reply to zackiedawg, May 14, 2014


I do agree with your points. I originally bought my 5n becuase I bought into the modular concpet idea. Basically I liked the idea of a "digital" back for any number of lenses but primarily my MC/MD lenses of which I have both a 600mm and 800mm. Tthen I discovered the beauty of having a small lightweight system  for just toodling around with especially with the hi IQ and Hi ISO performance of the 5n. Subsequentially I bought the external EVF and the LA-2 adapter for this modular little jewel.

What I found in usage was that I didn't use the external EVF very much because of the way that it mounted. I felt it was cumbersome. The LA-2 did get some usage as  did the MD/MC adapter. However as you understand the 600mm/800mm lenses are pretty specialized so it really wound up being a light weight/compact system to supplement my DLSRs (a99/a900).

As I evolved with the nex 5n, I found that three requirements were "lacking" I suppose would be  one way of saying it.

1. No real flash attachment and a miniscule flash at that

2. No internal EVF

3. and for some reason, I  really wanted everything to be 24 MP. (Not sure I understand this myself but there you are!)

Then, I started doing some trips where weight was a real consideration!! So I started taking the a99 withe 5n as a backup body with the LA-2 adapter. Normally I would go with the a99/a900. As a result the AF performance of the 5n in native mode became an issue. Not because of the LA-2 which is pretty snappy but because the 5n now became a supplimental camera with its own specific usage i.e. lightweight walk-around kind of deal.

So Voila, out came the a6000 which I promptly got on board with.

FWIW, while I am still on a voyage of discovery with this thing, I have tried it with my HVL58 and flash triggers and all that works just fine. In fact with this set up, the a6000 isa really lightweight system that enables me to set-up the lights and generally walk around shooting without feeling like I have this huge lump  in my hand i.e a DLSR. There is a certain freedom in that feeling.

The 24mp is certainly more stressing on lens then the 16MP ever was and here the lack of lenses has got me rethinking where I want to go with this thing. The 50/1.8 is a real jewel and with the firmware update is pretty snappy. I tried it on a train coming towards me as it was accelerating in RAW+JPG and everyone of the 12 I shot is dead -on relative to focus. This was without Obj tracking on so I got the dancing green squares light show which I found somewhat distracting. This reminds me of my EOS-1V HS which would do a similar  dance except  you could structure the EOS so as it would be group the AF points across the entire area i.e reducing the AF from 51 to 11 as I recalll. You didn't lose them you,  just didn't see them. This is something I wish Sony would consider.

So now I am thinlg that I might get the Sony 35mm/1.8 and maybe the Sigma 19mm. I did buy the 55-210 with the DH1758 because I was so impressed with your stuff using that combo. For low light work, I am going to use my Minolta 100mm/f2 and the 200mm/2.8 both of which are pretty light and actually feel fairly balanced in my hands at least.  Then maybe I will go for the 18-105/f4 as a zoom. The Sigma 19mm/sony 35/50mm will seem to give the sensor the best possible chance of really good IQ in pretty  much all conditions in a very light weight compact package that I can throw in small bag for general walk around purposes. I might just get the HVL-20 flash for it

So thaat is kind of my vision. I just wanted also to thank you for you considerable nput on this forum as it has been very useful to me.


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