A6000 vs. A77ii Continuous AF - Very confused

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Re: Olympus EM-1 not good for C-AF???
In reply to bimmerman, May 14, 2014

bimmerman wrote:

Corpy2 wrote:

Now I'm really confused.

I needed another camera for certain shooting situations since my E-M1 really does not do great continuous Autofocus (though it's pretty darn godo in other ways). So I was thinking of the upcoming A77ii. But now I see the A6000 has virtually the same specs. Same APS-C, almost same frame rate, and (maybe?) same continuous autofocus capability.

So what's the deal here? The A77ii is almost double the cost of the A6000.

Can someone please explain? What's the dif?

Dude! I have the EM-1 and about what you've just said about its C-AF... Well... Ok, you're right about the C-AF. I wish it were better with all their claims about that fancy Olympus "Dual Fast AF" incorporating Phase detect sensors on the imaging sensor and yadda yadda yadda... Fact is, it's quite hopeless in practice. For that reason I am holding back on the upcoming Olympus 40-150 F2.8 lens. Perhaps getting a 4/3 lens like the Olympus 50-200SWD will yield better C-AF results and I was considering just that until Sony announced the A77II.

I'm not in the position to comment about the A6000 but if the A77II can C-AF while maintaining a smooth viewfinder image i'm sold! The Olympus EM-1 not only has poor C-AF but the viewfinder refresh lags terribly when the camera is doing C-AF.

+1 for the Sony A77II

Yes, we were fed a whole lot of bovine excrement concerning the continuous AF capabilities of the em-1, as opposed to the prior em5.

Now, I do generally love the em1. The em-1 is much more responsive than the em5, which was also a good camera, but, as you say, hopeless for continuous AF.

So, the a77ii. But the question is: Why not the a6000 then. That is my quest to find out.

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