I'm NOT knocked out with RX100M2

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Re: I'm NOT knocked out with RX100M2
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Lindsay D wrote:

knox wrote:

It SEEMS fairly clear to me I was simply asking IF I should give it more time WHEN I have time to get 'inside' it or break out the RAW editors or was I "expecting too much?" . . . . . I KNEW I was no fan of an screen to take photos but thought I would give it a chance. Of course I got a few swipes about that as well.

Some people got it . . . and gave replies without the swipes or seemingly questioning if I know how to turn a camera on, or if I was lying etc.

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Knox, when you've only reeled off a handful of shots from a camera, without giving yourself the chance to get to know it, then I think you know the answer to your first question. Aside from that, nobody else can really say whether or not a particular machine will suit you, there are too many variables at play including your own personal preferences. I think given the camera background you listed its fair to suggest that you need to be realistic about any big departure from that, and allow yourself a period of adjustment. There is so much impatience these days with people buying something and returning it very quickly because they're not immediately getting the results they have in their mind.

Thanks for the comments . . . . In my experience, over many years of shooting, I can see the basic 'character' of image quality from a camera 'fairly' quick, as I'm sure most of us can. My Nikon D1X has a more film-like quality than my D3. It was crystal clear to me after just a few shots with the D3 and realized that I would still be using the D1X for many things. As a matter of fact I bought a second D1X body soon after the D3 purchase in case something happened to the older D1X body. That is how much difference I saw. Not saying one was better, just different. Many of us make choices of cameras for certain looks, as of course you are well aware of. So I was simply asking about the overall look of the camera in my OP. Of course I was not expecting it to look like a Hasselblad analog image, or even close. In no way am I saying I am better than or any different than anyone else in making the comments I make above. I just have my preferences and am aware of them and look for cameras I can use to give me what I'm looking for. Obviously, within reason when it came to the Sony.

Plus, this would be the first time I ever took a camera back. Really it was a simple / basic question in my mind . . . and some people answered it. That seeing where I come from . . . 'no, the Sony would not be what you are looking for'.

Your post above suggested you're a JPEG shooter and I will say that the RX100 JPEGs are very good indeed even at their default, they are certainly not flat - but personal tastes can be accommodated by adjusting the JPEG parameters either in camera or afterwards. Every camera brand has a slightly different response in this regard and you do need to try different settings before you arrive at something you favour.

Actually I shoot RAW but needed to upgrade software to be able to do that with the Sony. Though in my experience, IF the settings are properly set, jpg can easily show the 'quality' of the camera and one can get great quality out of jpg. Never did I intend though, to just shoot jpg only. When shooting with the Sony I did change settings in the camera, yet was not well versed just yet to get deep inside the settings, hence my original questions.

My suggestion of the x100 was genuine, I own it myself, and the files do have quite a different "look" which given some of your remarks may well appeal to you. It can also to an extent mimic the feel and handling of a rangefinder, which I thought you would also like.

I am not defensive about my Sony compact camera, that suggestion has no merit - but I make a point of never reviewing or commenting on a machine until I have thoroughly tested it. I know from experience that you can feel very differently about something if you give it time - but patience seems to be in very short supply round here!

it's good we are all different . . maybe all you needed to say was "give it time" rather than jumping to conclusions and accusing me of a "rant". I have thick skin, though will speak my mind . . . some of the comments have been humorous as well as informative. Again, thanks for the input . . and thanks for ALL the comments from all in this thread.

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