I'm NOT knocked out with RX100M2

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Re: I'm NOT knocked out with RX100M2
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Lindsay D wrote:

knox wrote:

I bought a RX100M2 last week and so far I am completely underwhelmed. As a photographer I shoot analog Hasselblads, Nikon F100, Nikon D3 etc etc . . and have been carrying around a Rollei 35SE or the F100 in a messenger bag. I decided to get something smaller to carrying around in a coat pocket on my motorcycle rather than the Rollei or F100 in the bag . . . After some research I bought the Sony. I'm actually thinking about getting rid of it after using it for a few days. Yea I don't expect it to take shots as good as my main cameras but I just find the images rather bland and with the cliche sterile, 'pocket camera' digital 'look'. I bought it for a good deal at $548 otherwise I would have waited for the M3 to see what the upgrades are. I hate looking at an LCD to take photos and the add-on electronic viewfinder is too expensive to add to a camera when the images are just mediocre. I could deal with the regular viewfinder 'somewhat' if the images knocked me out. Maybe I expected too much. I admit I have not 'woodshedded' with it and got deep inside all the settings yet as I have been really busy . . . Is that where I will find the so called 'magic' everyone is talking about or did I just expect too much?

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When I hear rants like this I wonder what on earth motivated the user to purchase the camera in the first place. I'm not sure you fully understand what a tiny compact camera is, what it is for, or the inherent limitations. The camera you mention, the RX100ii, is nothing short of phenomenal for what it is. If you want pocketability and versatility, it is a marvel. Comparing it to the machines you mention is a little bizarre if I'm honest. I will also add that you appear to fall into the group of people who places too much weight on the equipment used rather than the abilities of the photographer. If you don't like looking at an LCD then once again, why buy a camera like this? I'm not big on LCDs, but it is part of the compromise if you want a tiny body, and the Sony LCD is one of the best I have ever seen. If you feel the images are flat and featureless then you will need to adjust your lighting and postproduction skills. You say you've been too busy to get to know it thoroughly, yet you are very quick to criticise it.

I'm a full-time pro with a lot of very good equipment in my office, yet I remain unremittingly grateful that I have my RX100ii in my pocket when I leave the house. I can continue to win industry awards with some of the photographs I've taken with this camera on my personal excursions, mostly because I happen to have a camera on me, and I do not suffer from any particular insecurities about gaining good results from a small sensor compact. Upgrading to the next version isn't going to help you.

If you're looking for something reasonably small, and if you're happy with a fixed focal length, then I wonder if something like the original Fuji X100 MkI might suit you better - the image quality is phenomenal, but of course you will give up the speed and feature set which makes more modern compact cameras that much more useful.

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let me be blunt, with a semi smile on my face . . I find some of this REALLY humorous if not crazy! You calling my post a "rant", people questioning whether I really own the cameras I speak of or whether I know what I'm doing etc etc! You guys are being REALLY defensive of your little Sony to dig THIS deep. Geez, I'm not talking about your children!! . . . I simply asked a question about a camera and stating what 'I' had found (FOR ME) 'so far'. ADMITTING that I don't expect the same results from my other cameras . . . ADMITTING I have not had a chance to woodshed with the camera or to get deep inside it YET . . . . OBVIOUSLY I stated that I shoot a lot of analog so it SEEMS my 'digital / sterile' comment would be understood (NOT saying one format is better than the other btw). A couple people understood the comments in the way it was meant btw.

It SEEMS fairly clear to me I was simply asking IF I should give it more time WHEN I have time to get 'inside' it or break out the RAW editors or was I "expecting too much?" . . . . . I KNEW I was no fan of an screen to take photos but thought I would give it a chance. Of course I got a few swipes about that as well.

Some people got it . . . and gave replies without the swipes or seemingly questioning if I know how to turn a camera on, or if I was lying etc.

IF you took out some of your defensiveness and comments early on Lindsay, your comment would have made a great deal of sense and been very helpful to me, as it still is. You question IF I know what a compact is, after I stated I have carried a Rollei 35 (ever see one and it's size?) for years. You want to know what "motivated my purchase" . . . I made it clear in the OP that I was looking for something small to carry in my pocket on my motorcycle.

I had stated later on in the thread that since people were comparing it to DSLRs in their hyperbole, I knew it must be good (somewhat) so I felt it might suit my needs, understanding it's limitations. I went out and shot 30 or 40 shots and was "underwhelmed" at that point, so I thought I would ask my questions. I had a grace period to take it back . . . so thought I would get input. Some people were extremely helpful. As a NYer, I even like the 'swipes'

I just think it's crazy how some of you have reacted. Yet it's been fun! Feel free to look in my dpreview gallery as there is a chance I don't know how to turn a camera on. I haven't been able to upload photos for awhile yet I just figured out why, so there are some up. Many of these are very old and guess what? Some were even taken with the lowly Olympus 5050 COMPACT POCKET CAMERA or analog COMPACT Rollei 35SE years ago!

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