Liberal Return Policies vs. "has my camera been used?": A way to Solve This

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Good point: who funds the free trial?

If I'm a retailer, and I want to offer my customers the opportunity to try things in the store, then that is a decision I am making in order to attract customers, and\or maintain customer loyalty.  Should that be free? Or should I absorb the cost, and responsibility,  in some way for making that decision?

Should I have demo units?  Many manufactures provide demo units, or demo allowances, which allow a retailer to sell demo units at a discount.  In such cases, is it ethical for me as a retailer to sell the demo unit at full revenue, or just pocket the demo discount allowances,  because I need the money for my bottom line?  AND then use new off the shelf items as demo units, then just put them back on the shelf?  If so, then that retailer is making the customer pay for their demo units and, if provided allowances or demo units by the manufacturer, cheating their supplier to boot.

Same thing with liberal returns policies. That is also a business decision made by the retailer.  "Recycling" those returns on unsuspecting customers is in the same sense ipso facto making customers pay for the retailers marketing tactic ... but in a deceptive way.

It also makes consumers pay at another level: if they get an item that was returned and does show signs of wear or use, they can just send it back, where it gets recycled again.  That is an added burden placed on the customer.   (The very fact that retailers are so willing to do that without hesitation BTW supports that they know they are cheating and are afraid of getting exposed.)

Or what about the defective item that is "recycled"?

Or that customers have to be wary of getting recycled items in the first place, necessitating careful inspection and testing to be sure the item is defect free?

I'm not arguing against these liberal policies, or in-store demo's.  Not at all.

My point is that these tactics are a retail's business decision. As such, they should fund them. And at the very least, be open and honest with their customers about how these tactics may effect the product they are buying.

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