OMD with more MP?

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It is not as you claim.

Steve_ wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

Steve_ wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

They are about as noisy as most APS-c sensors. I can compare with D800E. Latest m43 sensors are not that noisy at all, in RAW. About 1,5-2 stops behind D800E.

They are about as good as the modern Canons, significantly worse the the good (Sony-based) APS-C. Since it is most productive to compare apples to apples, I was speaking of the Sony-based stuff as very similar technology is used in the E-M5 and 16MP Pens.

The gap is there, but narrow...A 32 MPixel mFT makes perfect sense to me.With current tech it would brin us old Panny 16 Mpixel noise performance. Fine with me.

That's wishful thinking. 32MP would be terribly noisy; 24MP would be like the old 16MP Panasonics (at best).

It is not wishful thinking, it is also not an expert opinion. it is just deduced from the Sony 1"sensor in the 100II. MFt is 1,93 the size. So 1,93*20 MPixel = 38,8 MPixel. You would have the same noise as the RX100II. If you bring it down to 32 MPixel or 30 MPixel you would have better noise performance than that sensor.

It would be a much more direct comparison to consider how much the noise of an E-M5 or E-M1 sensor would increase based on the degree of pixel-pitch change you propose, as little else has changed since. Halving the pixel pitch will have dire consequences on the noise characteristics, regardless of how impressed you may be with the RX100II.

If the pixel pitch and read noise per pixel are both halved, there will be no change in noise at all.  So, if a 32 MP mFT sensor had pixels with 71% the read noise of a 16 MP sensor, then there would be no difference in noise.

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