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Re: i have a suggestion
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Xara wrote:

I was both surprised and bewildered on reading the reaction to Fad's comments on Sal's very interesting photo 'I hear you'. I found nothing whatsoever offensive in either the content or tone of what Fad wrote He was discussing different facets of the creative process and observing how these are variously expressed with all due respect to the people mentioned. In fact he compliments Gerald on his photography. It is really regrettable when honest exploration of this kind is misconstrued.

I guess you have never had or understood a backhanded compliment. Or believe in reading the spaces between the lines?

Do you also enjoy people talking about your work as though you're not there when you haven't left the room?

What was I doing differently from others? I addressed Sal with compliments and comments.

Did Frank do the same? NO!

He went on a holiday and ranted about how Sal should absolutely not take any advice from me and went on to state his case.

So he says ALTHOUGH I can make PRETTY/STUNNING pictures they are PSYCHOLOGICALLY wanting, lacking, missing, scarce, absent. impoverished, underwhelming.........................

Frank made sure he left enough compliments to obfuscate his main point i.e. Gerald makes STUNNING, FABULOUS, PRETTY & INVENTIVE pictures but they are not very deep...NO INSIGHTS OR REVEALING TRUTHS at all so he has no authority to give suggestions....

But Frank has the right to butt in and tell Sal all this? WHY?

As I said to Frank I really don't care what he has to say about my work but shout it in the backroom.

Shouting it out here just says more about one's character than anything else.

Seeing as how you always mysteriously appear when there is a problem between Frank and I...may I know who you really are?

An autobot perhaps? Or am I talking to you Frank? Or your coach?


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